Countdown To Bengal State Of War| Khooni Politics Explodes | Newstrack with Rahul Kanwal

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A new low in the big battle for Bengal as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hurled 'khooni ka raja' barb. She was addressing a rally at Patharpratima in South 24 Parganas. West bengal Polls 2021- Countdown to the most awaited elections of the year. Top focus on Newstrack with Rahul Kanwal.

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shrinate is not for tv debates better congress should take her to rallies and make her shout



i gotta know how bjp has been winning today by eletoral bond schemes. very dreadful and disgrace to democracy

Author — saitej g


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Author — كلمة الحق


Asterix n Obelix is a fiction u miron.

Author — Vicky V



Author — J. parekh


2nd may mumtaj bagam bangladesh 🇧🇩 gayi

Author — Lund Ghardhari