Rep. Nunes: The process of discovery is going to be fascinating in the Roger Stone case

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Rep. Nunes: The process of discovery is going to be fascinating in the Roger Stone case4.5
California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office must be embarrassed that they have to come to House Republicans to request information on the Roger Stone investigation.

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If lying to Congress is actually a crime then why have so many people gotten away with it up to this point?

Author — Christ the only hope


Get your popcorn ready folks because this is really gonna be fun.

Author — Linda Green


Why are the FISA judges silent on being hoodwinked?

Author — S Light


Can someone just be locked up already?
Preferably Clinton.

Author — fründlie


Bruce Ohr?! His wife worked for GPS Fusion. Crooked, lying Dems.

Author — Trish


Why is there one set of rules for us and another for them the democrats?! So frustrating!!

Author — Melania Vivid


Liberals: we hate Russia!

Same Liberals: We love communism!

Author — OK2BWhite!


So if the clintons or Obummer and all of them on the clintons minions list do not get prosecuted or held responsible for their lawlessness then why should the American people obey our laws if they're no good?? And what good is the LAW??.

Author — Tess Curran


We can't allow the Left to overthrow our democratically elected President. We must stop this coup against our country.

Author — Wolves Of Europa


Why does Trump keep nominating people who can't help him? I don't understand this at all.

Author — Mike Freedom


Flow of discovery:
You mispronounced here and here, and confused a date we are going to take those as lies, and charge you with the harshest crime we can, the judge who we control will find you guilty and give you the harshest sentence he can.... unless you tell us what we want to hear about Trump.

Author — William Baker


State of emergency. Democrats are trying to overthrow the country.

Author — houdini8845


I will not trust the Government until one of the people from the Clinton criminals gang is in jail.

Author — James Mitchell


Mueller should be indicted for impersonating a lawyer. He's a fraud and history will not be kind to this traitor.

Author — cattywampus jake


This is about Mueller trying to cover his own crimes and his involvement in the uranium one treasonous deal with Russia.Mueller has nothing tangible to provide evidence of Russian collusion.Mueller and his deepstate swamp rats are like drowning fools catching at straws in order to save themselves from drowning..The gig is up as Roger stone will not back down in this fight..Mueller pick the wrong one this time.Mueller will be exposed for the treasonous rat the he really is .The real criminals are The same one's who's carrying out the WHICHHUNT investigation against the President and his supporters.

Author — Sunshine Leon Williams


Just another Mueller trying to save his own ass move.

Author — americafirstgal


Talk talk talk, that's all the good guys do.

Author — Jon Smith


Lying to Congress is a No No unless of course your name is, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, & Clinton.

Author — GW H


"... We don't hold the gavels anymore...". Oh how convenient! SHAME on you for not getting it done when you DID hold the gavel. Because you COULD have, but you CHOSE NOT TO. Shame!

Author — Rl P


Devin Nunes is so refreshingly ADULT in his analysis and commentary.

Author — Sherri Stewart