How Similar Are Spanish and Italian?

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In today's episode I compare Spanish and Italian! How much do these Romance languages have in commmon?

** A mistake in the video: @10:28 I say that la and le both become l' before a vowel, but this is only true for la (not le). **

Thanks to Edu Tudela for recording most of the Spanish audio samples! And thanks to Jack Le Bourgeois and Anita Bonalumi for their feedback on the Italian parts.

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For us Italians Spanish people are like the cool brother while French is the one you always end up fighting with.

Author — Noober


When you speak Portuguese and can understand the two languages but they usually can't understand you

Author — Josie


Spanish and Italians writing in the comments:

Portuguese speakers having fun understanding 100%.

Author — leandro nogueira


I went to Italy, specifically a small city called Trento, and had a haircut with a lady that only spoke Italian. I spoke in Spanish and she replied in Italian. It was one of the funnest conversations I have had in my life. We didn't have any problems communicating. If either didn't understand something, we would try saying it another way. Usually, getting the message across. Italians are the most heartwarming people in the world. I think the French would disagree, though. Not sure what's the history there.

Author — Claudio Estevez


“If you want speacking Spanish you have to finish the words with an “s”

“If you want speacking italian you have to finish the words with “MAMMA MIA!”

Author — Alexbox


La cosa divertente è che se scrivo in italiano, molti spagnoli comprendono perfettamente.
Y si escribo en español, los italianos comprenden.

Siamo cugini/Somos primos.

Author — LoreSka


I'm argentinian so basically I speak spanish and italian combined

Author — Nacho AG


But for "dinero" in Italian you can say also "denaro".

Author — le gromp


Los italianos y los españoles con un poco de paciencia nos entendemos perfectamente. Y además por cultura, por forma de pensar...fluye una química especial. Me ha pasado varias veces viajando por el extranjero. Al encontrarme con italianos y darse cuenta ellos de que yo era español la empatía ha sido casi instantánea. Saludos a mis amigos italianos desde España...🇮🇹🇪🇸

Author — Francisco Javier Rodríguez


Both Italy and Spain have mesmerizing history and culture, and I am glad to be their brother. Love from France

Author — Vive La France!


Un saluto a tutti I nostri fratelli spagnoli 🇮🇹❤🇪🇸

Author — Dynamite X


Spanish and Italian spoken slowly and clearly:
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Author — Rodrigo Santos Valeriano


Italian seems to be a little bit more complicated

Author — Gormiticazzo


As a non European I will say Italy and Spain the most beautiful countries of Europe along with their brother Greeks
These countries birthed Europe

Author — Flying Nazgûl


🔱Charles the Fifth: I speak
Spanish to God ✝
Italian to women👩
French to men👨
German to my horse🐴

Author — Neptune


In italian "necessito" and "denaro" are correct too, but very very uncommon

Author — Mattia Brandinelli


Soy español, de Andalucía, y comprendo perfectamente el italiano escrito y hablado sin haberlo estudiado. Los italianos son como de la familia, cercanos y amigables!! Un abrazo fuerte en esta dura batalla de pandemia mundial.

Author — Oscar Grau


I'm from Spain and I can understand 90% of written Italian and Portuguese. French on the other hand...

Author — Johnny Arbuckle


¡Recuerdo la primera vez que fui a España, cuando llegué allí me sentí como si estuviera en Italia!

Author — Giuseppe Lo Presti


The Argentinians talks spanish with italian accent!!😂😂😂

Author — blondello