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A BBC investigation has uncovered allegations of brutal beatings and torture by soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir.

The Indian government withdrew the region's semi-autonomous status in early August. There's since been a clampdown on dissent and thousands of arrests, and it's being seen by some as a drive by the Hindu nationalist government for more control over India's only Muslim majority state. The Indian Army has described the allegations as baseless.

BBC News at Ten’s Sameer Hashmi has been inside Kashmir and sent this report, which some people may find distressing.

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England :-
1)The country who destroyed cultures, religions, economy and peace of many countries.
2)The country who is responsible for backwardness of the countries whom they controlled for many years.
3)The country who taught people to hate each other religions to controlling them for long long term.
4)The country who pushed many lives in wars for their own interests.
5)The country who destroyed many indigenous tribes for their own interests.
6)The country who killed many innocent and peace loving people over the years.
7)Finally, The country who believed in "Divide and rule" propaganda which is responsible for Hindu-Muslim situation today.
8)The country who is responsible for Kashmir situation because they run from India without dealing with Kashmir situation and let India Pakistan fighting for over the years.
Now tell me who is responsible for this

Author — mukul kumar


What about Indian rights when british looted for 250 years and massacre?

Author — RangerPlayz YT


I can't hold my laughter when Britishers say about things like Torture.also tell the whole world who planned the seed of partition before leaving the nation after 250 years of looting, oppression . and killings.

Author — The Atlantis


BBC news should have a tagline

BBC News - will cover everything and anything against India.

Author — Sahil Supekar


people are roaming freely in this video, but BBC alleges they are locked down.😂😂😂

The ppl interviewed in this video, let the world know their identities, just go to their backyard and you'll realise there are no guns with them and they have never been trained by Jaish e mohammed, Jamat ud dawa, just to name a few.

radical islam (jihad) is useless and unproductive, if their cause had really been rational, they would have moved towards PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT, INSTEAD OF INVOLVING THEMSELVES IN FOOLISH STONE PELTING, KILLING KASHMIRI PUNDITS AND SIKHS LIVING THERE.

Author — Abinav Rathinam


The biggest joke of the century "The Indian army is a professional organization that understands and respect human rights "lol

Author — Asim Umar


Hey c'mon Brits, you're talking like it's something new to you. We learnt these from you only. Look at those prisons in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Author — Vijay Surya


Master of torture talking about peace🤣🤣

Author — Modern Thinker Education


Who tortured all the world now they talking about torture and humanity ...

Author — Creneo world


British can not digest the fact that they had run away from India 72 ueras ago.. !!

Author — Anil Raut


Actually under this law, only the persecuted minorities from the neighbouring countries of India will be given relief. Unfortunately these neighbouring countries have a Muslim majority due to which Muslims cannot enjoy the benefit of this law. But the Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, etc. fleeing slaughter in these countries are relieved by this new law. Hence stop misleading the crowd and spread awareness about the violent slaughter of the religious minorities in these countries.
If you have the guts, please also interview those whose lives have been saved and changed in a positive way by this citizenship law...

Author — Dark Night1


We need do some thing to open internet in jand k protest against that guys please do something help us. View

Author — Gaming with spy


BBC love BBC...they should go to Africa

Author — Dinesh Joshi


& what they have done. According to bbc they did nothing.

Author — Nax Nita


Everyone has to die one day.
Unfortunately world consider economy more important than the humanity.

Author — HS INTL


Briten wale ko bhi pelenge bbc ko jayada pelenge



BBC bluff.when the British were torturing hundreds of Sinn Fein activists and military personnel in the Falklands BBC never reported any of it.now when the internet is down BBC is alive in Kashmir.

Author — basant vimal sharma


That's why i like to watching BBC news... it's really helpful to know the details of investigation... Go ahead BBC..

Author — Litunur Rashid


US Senator Chris Van Hollen has been denied permission to visit Occupied Jammu and Kashmir during his trip to India as Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government’s clampdown in the Muslim-majority region enters its third month.

According to the Washington Post,  Van Hollen, a Democrat senator who represents Maryland, said he had asked to go to IOK so he could see the reality on the ground for himself, but denied permission.

“If the Indian government has nothing to hide, they should not worry about people visiting Kashmir and witnessing the situation with their own eyes, ” he said in an interview in New Delhi on Friday.

Van Hollen is one of nearly 50 members of bipartisan group of US senators who have urged President Donald Trump to immediately intervene and pursue Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift curfew and end communication blocka

Author — Sandoz Sandoz


Right now the BBC is feeling innocent of these people, earlier America also used to think that on the day again there will be a big terrorist attack like 9/11, then you will know what the terrorist is like.