Eating In A Chechen Cafe

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Join me as I visit a local cafe in Chechnya to eat some lunch. And their restaurants don't look like ours...

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of course the Brit is disappointed with the tea lol

Author — GhostXiphos


You like to live dangerously, don't you?
Spaghetti and goulash and red summer fruits in a white shirt ???

Author — Graham Bunton


A Chechen inspired idea for how restaurants and cafes can reopen after the Corona lockdown.

Author — Mark


That wasn't a fruit bowl hahah she said "варенья" which is basically a homemade jam, you were supposed to eat that with bread or mix a spoon of it in your tea

Author — Alcmaeon Of Croton


broke and in the CIA do you speak 10 different languages, ..Jason Bourne on vacation...

Author — Justin Sichula


I dig the curtains in the restaurant. I hate people staring at me eat😂

Author — Larry Lopez


Man that's a LOT of food. Pasta with meat, and then gulyás with potato, and you still say "I could eat another portion of this, easily".

You are the man.

Author — Marcelo Lima


“I could eat another portion of this easy”

*doesn’t finish first portion*

Author — Lewis


Can’t beat a $4 meal and it looked delicious.

Author — Kilter Kaos


People of Chechnya seem really great and friendly. Huge respect from Denmark. Желаю тебе всего наилучшего

Author — Nielsen N


When she brought in the "gulyás" on mashed potatoes, my tiny hungarian heart broke into thousands of crying peices.

Author — BenjaMint


I'm LOVING the private booth idea for restaurants and cafes - it is such a great idea, far more civilised than the crowded, insane restaurants in the UK!

Author — StonyRC


The women are awesome, they bring him some candys and jam for free . This is what i call hospitality

Author — krachmacher 1991


Agent 47 always wears the strangest disquise imho

Author — peopleaz


Man, to be honest, I like your pronunciation in the Russian language. Accept my applause.

Author — Otabek Nosirov


I can’t get enough Bald, I’m watching your old videos for a SECOND time!

Author — Chris Coady


Love the idea of the curtains, I can stuff my face in and eat however I like without being judged.

Author — Radium V3rm


Wow, lucky find! The place was immaculate, the food looked delicious, the portion generous and it didn't cost much. The women who worked in this cafe ran a good business.

Author — Thu Lekovish


table with curtains - introvert paradise : D got sick of restaurants where you got to sit next to stranger and listen to each other conversations..

Author — cornolio1


Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that after eating soup as well as everything else Bald didn’t drop one bit down his top. How is that even possible lol

Author — Underwrite Ste