Bizarre Things That Happen on Dark Web

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Bizarre Things That Happen on Dark Web5
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The Dark Web can be considered “dark” for a variety of reasons. It is dark in the sense that it is largely hidden from public view. Today we're taking an educational and a skeptical view at these stories.

It is made up of encrypted networks that can only be accessed with special browsers such as Tor. This encryption allows users to have an anonymity that keeps their identities mostly but not completely in the dark. And then there is its dark content. While the Dark Web contains harmless and helpful websites, it is better known as a black market for illegal items and a breeding ground for other criminal and inhumane activities. We will present five strange stories from this part of the Internet in today’s episode of The Infographics Show, “Most Bizarre Dark Web Stories.”



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Nice video very interesting, very interesting indeed

Author — NoahStevo


I’m tired of watching the iceberg in each dark web related video

Author — Vinal Ambekar


Don't touch that read more

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Author — Yatharth Pandey


*_I went on the dark Web, but made my monitor brightness maximum so I'm good_*

Author — Beyond Tubular


The most bizarre story is when someone decided *not* to use dashlane

Author — CoughE


*Here's my deep web story:*

It revealed that Tik Tok was originated inside the Deep Web.

Author — Mr. Friendship


1:41 **log on the dark web expecting see torture but instead it was a video of someone being forced to eat bacon**

[insert Rick Roll video]

Author — Evariste Galois


I knew the sponsor was gonna be dashlane from the title

Author — Animefan HD


Legend has it that you could find *despacito 5* in the darkest side of the dark web

Author — abominable yeti


My bizarre dark web story: I saw a T series Employee getting tortured with a lasanga

Author — Sans McBasketball


*but can you buy minecraft skins on dark Web though.*

Edit : thanks for the likes, it's the most I've ever gotten.

Author — Ihfaz Ahsan


There’s a darkest web consisting of oh yeah yeah comments

Author — Sarosh Anees


1:45 worst thing that could happen to a muslim

Author — Suppenteller


Don't go to the dark web, you can never come back, it's nonstop videos of Tik Tok.

Author — Merrik11


No prescription for the drug????
Do u even know what it is/does?

Author — sonder meza


The dark Web is dark because they broke the light bulb

Author — MeIsBackForever


Whether they are real or fake, they are great stories

Author — The Life Formula


Epic gamer moment: eating bacon in a red room

Author — Voke Vay


1. Boy recorded pouring milk before cereal in bowl

Author — Tim Stockelberg


There would be bacon

Forces man to eat bacon


Author — Oscar Pineda