Rep. Tulsi Gabbard On America's Role In The World

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard On America's Role In The World4
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard explains a 2020 foreign policy platform that is largely informed by her own experience serving in the military.

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You’ll wait a long time before you hear any multi-millionaire tv personality deviate from a single corporate talking point.

Author — Mat J



Author — Tom Green


OMG .... this woman is freaking AMAZING !!! She eloquently speaks the truth, that Washington doesnt want us to hear. TULSI GABBARD is exciting !!
God bless the USA.

Author — michael teresko


If she looses the winner should nominate her as Secretary of State

Author — Simon Cowell


I’m a republican....I love this woman

Btw look at Colbert trying to sneak some fake news in there.

Author — Weigner Leigner


Well done Tulsi. You kept calm throughout that whole biased affair. Shame on you Colbert.

Author — Darwin Jurado


Wow, finally one American that understands foreign policy.

Author — Jared Talbeaux


Stephen Colbert is beyond ridiculous. She handled it with extreme grace

Author — Stacey C


She's faultless! She never gets lost or stumbles. Has a laser-beam focus. A warm heart! And forget the DD reference as he may do it to undermine and tarnish a candidate's character! Don't give him any more oxygen!

Author — Ay Bee


Tulsi has literally the calmest and most stoic demeanor I've ever seen in a politician.

Author — Tad Strange


Geez when did Colbert start being an establishment hack? Presidential candidate speaks about peace, no war and humans rights. Wow Colbert you are such a real man arguing for more war!

Author — rajesh1174


She is a breath of fresh air. Finally—someone I could actually vote for. First time in many years!!!

Author — SRIFAN23


When did it become so controversial among Democrats to be anti-war?

Author — JCM


Just came from the debate.
She's the only one with the brain among the candidates

Author — Tokemo Toke


Stephen Colbert Congratulations! you are a sell-out

Author — Shakti Jhala


When did Colbert become a warhawk? I just donated to Tulsi for handling these gotcha question like a champ. Go Tulsi!

Author — rick lomar


Wow colbert, what a disappointment. Smh. Great job Tulsi. You make perfect sense, I trust you.

Author — Kelz Pinero


Vote Gabbard! She will bring back respectability to the presidency! The most articulate politition by far!

Author — Bob Hacker


Why did you meet with assad?

"The alternative was more war"

Good enough for you steve?

Author — pokerace420


GO TULSI!!! ! Im so happy we finally have a smart..level headed..humble person (woman) running for pres!!! You have my vote!!!! Im so impressed by her integrity and composure!!! ❤👍❤✌❤

Author — Shannon Peeling