News Turkey will not stop bombing Syria while the Kurds are alive

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News. Turkey will not stop bombing Syria while the Kurds are alive

At the last meeting of representatives of the Justice Party, incumbent Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement: "The military operation" The olive branch will last as long as at least one Kurdish terrorist lives. "

Recall that on January 20, an operation began in which Turkey attacked Afrin, where, according to Turkish commanders, terrorists live. Turkey inflicted an air strike on more than one hundred targets.

According to Erdogan, after Afrina, the Turkish military will go further, to the Manbij area. He also added, "Do not worry about that, we will clean these areas of terrorists, because the real masters of Manbige are not terrorists, but Arabs. After that, Turkey will go to the borders of Iraq and clean the whole country from terrorists, "he said.

He also recalled that Turkey can direct all its military might, but it will not do this because of the civilian population that stands as a shield against terrorists. Turkey has no task to capture Afrin. It only wants to liberate peaceful people from the shackles of terrorism.

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