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The human preoccupation with sex is nothing new – but the internet has made it so much easier to explore and exploit every shade of desire. The online porn industry makes billions of dollars in profit every year, but the big winners are corporate players, not the women and men performing the sex acts. Stephen Sackur interviews Mia Khalifa. She was briefly a porn actress, garnering worldwide notoriety when she appeared in a sex video wearing the Islamic hijab. After years of threats and insecurity, she’s speaking out. What does her story tells us about the porn industry and 21st century culture?

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When I googled Mia Khalifa BBC HARD this isn't where I expected to end up

Author — TehBird


“Islamic hijab”???? Whats wrong with this guy😂

Author — ShinViews


Some people are born to make history. But not Mia, she was born to delete history!

Author — LegendSaysRTZisStillFarming


This man acting like he has never watched porn before!!

Author — RD 1


Mia Khalifa: *gets ups and laughs after interview*

Interviewer: “what’s so funny”

Mia Khalifa: “This is my first time being able to walk after being on BBC”

Author — John Pats


BBC is straight savage for not disabling the comments bruh

Author — Ray


The video on BBC had the comments section turned off that's why I am here

Author — Mr. Ozz


Who else gets mad when their girlfriend won't give reverse cow on a Wednesday night?

Author — Kim Jong-Un


This isnt Mia Khalifa's first time on BBC.



Mia: It kinda blew up in my face
Interviewer: it really did 💀

Author — akinfiyin


look at him you know hes jacked to one of her videos

Author — the cat man


This guy begged in front of his boss to bring Mia Khalifa on the show after getting caught by his wife searching for Mia Khalifa on Google and claiming that he was doing it for research purpose

Author — Atharva Kharbade


Mia Khalifa was looking for BBC and she found it.

Author — Ansel Hansen


Mia: "Hello who is this"
BBC: "We are from BBC"
Mia: "I am sorry I don't do porn anymore"
BBC: "We are news company"
Mia: OK
BBC: okay

BTW I respect her for doing this interview

Author — Jammy


I am amazed she takes 100% responsibility about her actions. Says a lot about her character. Hopefully she gets the peace she wants.
In the meantime... I’m getting on google

Author — Richie Gee


She is very composed for how intense this interview is..

Author — Jacey Bittle


Mad props though. Can see she has deep regret and remorse. Can see she's scarred. Hope she manages to live a beautiful life forward

Author — Mark Fowler


Imagine this guy getting caught researching Mia Khalifa by his wife. The only time he gets to say "for research purposes"

Author — truth seeker


So basically her life turned into hell because she was uncomfartable to say No. Think about it yes-sayers and people-pleasers

Author — Я


She destroyd many coming generations in the tiolets

Author — Bilal Khan