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The World in 2021 will start to look beyond covid-19: to the launch of an asteroid-smashing space probe, the next step in the fight against climate change and China’s supremacy at the box office. Here are five stories to watch out for.

00:00 - Top five stories for 2021
00:39 - Democracy under threat
04:17 - The electric revolution revs up
06:55 - A chance to turn a corner on climate change
10:39 - China v Hollywood: battle of the box offices
14:40 - Defending the planet

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Here's another prediction; people start abandoning YouTube because of way too many ads. Just like this one. I almost stopped watching it.

Author — G Mac


Whoever you are who can't sleep tonight, is tired or sad, believe that there will be tomorrow that will light up your beautiful days.

You just need to endure a little more, a little more, and a little more ...

Thank you for being patient, thank you for being able to survive. And as you read this, promise yourself that you will be able to get through your toughest days in the future.

Promise to keep smiling, no matter how you are ...

You deserve to be happy :)

Author — Africestry


Let’s don’t forget that inequality has risen since the pandemic. There are more billionaires when millions of people lost their job in the economic recession.

Author — Jimmy Liu


This has always been the way it starts out. It’s called the down fall of society. We can turn it around but it just can’t be done with 1 person. It’s gonna take a lot of like minded individuals to work together.

Author — Iron Head


2021 will be reflected by ordinary people trying to reclaim their freedoms.

Author — Tristan Drew


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Author — Ruth Hans


A quote : "We foresee, we hope, we make plans, but in the end, it is God's plan that happens." (Marie Louise de Meester)

Author — Wilhelmina Cabral


What is needed is not bigger better promises, but bigger and better Action worldwide!!

Author — Pieter allen Master Blue


Over and over over again in our past history and present we see our governments keep using our own system against us? How can this be?

Author — ZEN8XX


I think one more topic should have been added, the Rise of Work from home culture: its benefits and viability

Author — Muneeb Bhat


I've given up any and all optimism I had for the future. This world is horrible... It always has been and always will be.

Author — P Villanueva


Isnt obvious that China's box office revenue is more since they have about 3x as many people? Or am i just dumb? Maybe its adjusted idk

Author — AndyDavidSmitters559


People across the globe must unite now... Arm ourselves and take a stand against this and all tyranny

Author — Neal Fay


I hope 2021 be a better year than 2020 great video 👍

Author — MansouR 1997


After 2020 the world is like what else could happen to create anti-astroid weapon system.

Author — Internet Troll


The story you need to watch out for...is the story you cannot predict.

Author — AthenaSaints


Поскорее бы зеленая енергетика охватила наш мир🙂

Author — Dementor Sablezub


Yea! Elon, Gates, n Fauci just keep on having there hands in the cookie jar.

Author — Kathy Moore


"study the change in momentum in 2022" more like celebrate the fact that they completely owned it

Author — Ray Aventador


this video is very helpful. 🧗‍♂️
its showing an accurate and deep understanding; great perceptive. 💡

Muito obrigado for all the insightful information.. 🤝

Author — TEELOCK Mithilesh