House judiciary passes resolution on impeachment probe rules

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House judiciary passes resolution on impeachment probe rules3.5
House judiciary committee holds hearing on markup of the resolution to set parameters on the impeachment probe.

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Bunch of clowns, wasting our time and money. Fire the lot of them

Author — Buckacre 134


I will never vote a Democrat, period! Trump and only Republicans who back Trump have my vote in 2020!

Author — Gator Master


We the people should file a federal class action lawsuit against the democrat party for theft of taxes and waste.

Author — Christripp Tripp


Hey Dems do some f'ing work and stop wasting my money.

Author — Ohio 5pt7


that old bastard nadler needs to resign or have a stroke

Author — Giddy


Nadler is a nasty little man with a Napoleon Complex

Author — Julia Rickett


That horse died years ago, stop kicking it. It's not getting up. MORONS!

Author — TheCyberRebel


Nadler is evil. Trump is innocent. This won't change in a million years.

Author — Bill McCabe


The Dem Party is no longer a party of America! They have no place in our Goverment anymore!



Just for there BIAS alone, Dems should not serve to the AMERICAN people. Very DANGEROUS for the USA we the people LOVE OUR COUNTRY. It like we are back in the civil war fighting against each other The grey fighting against Blue coats the Union for freedom to all Americans. The only President that had done for the Americans for decades and what Dems do ??? Bring DIVISION among all Americans. We the people stand by our President.

Author — Angel Rod


We’re paying (taxpayers) for this crap!

Author — nickinak


A ton of impeachment and not an ounce of evidence. Thanks DEM rats for your massive waste of taxpayer dollars.

Author — vladviking


The Dems showing in real time how authoritarian/totalitarian left wing socialist regimes take

Author — B Rad


Leper corn Nadler can't talk except out the side of his mouth

Author — Charles Campbell


Hey Nadler, go ahead and impeach on the flimsy grounds dems have... you’ll guarantee a Trump victory next year!

Author — Slapdat Hugh Jass


Mental illness is deep with the Dems. Why does anyone want them in Office? They will never do anything for you Americans. They have done nothing!!

Author — Barbara Zeman


Ya all oughta be EXPELLED For wasting American Tax dollars !!

Author — arcofjoan


This will only show the depth of corruption and deceit from liberals, and the Barr reports will be out shortly

Author — steven pursley


This is why so many democrats are jumping ticket because of the left sided people in congress this fool should be in the insane aslam with a straight jacket on president Trump going to win by a landslide in 2020 cant wait

Author — Mark Evans


Boy do the Republicans have some serious ammunition (with precedent) for the next time a democrat wins something. Thank you, democrat politicians, for establishing such a low baseline to use to trash your adversaries. Your futures have been set by your own selves, and it is not pretty. You're all done.

Author — mamoud amin