'They Killed Cows, I Killed Them,' Lynching Accused Brags: NDTV Expose

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An NDTV investigation involving hidden cameras has revealed disturbing accounts of those accused of lynching in the name of the cow. The first report was on a lynching in Hapur, in Uttar Pradesh. On June 18, when a 45-year-old Qasim Qureshi, a meat trader, was lynched by a mob, while 65-year-old Samiuddin, a farmer, was badly injured.

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If this trend continues...Cow will be in parliament 2019.

Author — Blackbird


Take care of ur self dear Saurabh...and team.

Author — Alem javd


Thanks to NDTV for exposing Organised crime done by RSS workers in name of Gorakshak. There is jungle raj in UP. RSS BJP's brain is behind the polarisation crime

Author — Aditya Raje


Abe jahil himmat hai to Al Kabeer Exports ke owner sunil kapoor ko kat ke dekha to mane ye hi sabse zada tumhari gao mata ko katne wala.

Author — HaSanMDD


He is admitting that he had lynched Kasim and he was given bail.

Author — Wali Mohammad


Gau shala walon ko bhi maar darjanon k gaiyon ko tadap k marey gau shala mein

Author — YouTube WhatsApp


Good work NDTV.
This is the sad truth of our society..where is compassion??..there is no humanity without compassion. Rakhes should be punished for what he did..he is not ashame of what he did..such a cruel evil creature he his.he thinks he did a macho act, such a idiot heartless beast!..

Author — Kajal Warsi


simply India is moving towards ...civil war

Author — Rapitor F22


Brilliant work.... Hats off to NDTV, the only news channel which shows the real news and issues which matters the most to the citizens.

Author — Dare and Dashing


This video speaks all how the so called law abiding personal aid goons & murderers.

Author — ibn eisa1


Good job NDTV salam hai aapki himmat aur jajbe ko. Kanoon aur sarkar par dikkar hai ab kaun sa saboot chahiye

Author — mohd mubeen siddiqui


Aye aise log hamare desh ko barbad kareenge..
Gandi nali k keede hai..
Inko death penalty bhi kam hai ....
Good work by NDTV....👏👏👏

Author — EPIC king


Gud NDTV for exposing this type of Murderer, Criminal & Gundas

Author — EESA fest


Shame on authorities.. this country is ruled by gunda raj

Author — Hilal Ahmed


Ok, fair to say, our society has been irreversibly divided and communalized. If he gets a hero's welcome, then it is scary. Entire society is supporting it, and is guilty..

Author — whatever04


Excellent reporting by NDTV! Other channels affiliated to rascals like him will never report or present such exclusive journalism. We want NDTV to bring us the quantum of punishment given to them. We must fight for a society free of these notorious elements only then will India be recognized as a civil society.

Author — Tony Candes


Animal ke naam pe insano ko kyu mara re tune?

Author — Harry


Just Google "Top beef meat exporter country in the world" and you will see how much they love their mother Cow !!

Author — Arman Hossain


Ye buddha(Rakesh) agr mujhe kahin mil jaye na to main iski gardan cut 🔪
kr dun 😡

Author — Amreen Fatima


Tum log harami atankwadiyo saalo.hijde ho tum log kotto ki tarha jhond banakar he maar sakte ho.

Author — Syed Shaan