China chip technology 20 years behind the world, missile tests fail repeatedly CCP crisis

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► The US-China confrontation is spreading from trade and technology to the military. Because of the technological gap, the Chinese Army's equipment is far inferior to that of the United States Army. When the United States sanctioned SMIC, the Chinese military's "China Defense News" published an article urging innovation to speed up, quickly achieving self-sufficiency of key technologies to "win victory in military confrontation."
The lack of high-end chips has become a shortcoming for the CCP military. Being cut off from the CCP's access to high-end chips is similar to a strangled throat.
As American high-end chips become more inaccessible, the Chinese military's missile launches have also failed repeatedly.
According to the CCP's official media, on March 16, April 9, and May 23, the Beijing government failed in three consecutive missile launches.
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Keep on Choking!!! Let them CHOKE!!! 😅 😂 🤣

Author — Alex C


☝🏻Chips I didn't know they had any potatoes left 😅😂

Author — peter lee


My bet is that Chyna will obtain high tech chips by invading Taiwan before the election. President Xi needs to do something to make Joe Biden win or his life is forfeit. Maybe not immediately, no one else will want to be in power during the coming war. Chyna is behind our riots and the virus. We are sharpening the carving knife for this turkey.
Chyna's air defenses for the PLA Navy consists of 8 air defense ships, 1 of which is being worked up still. No more ships of that type are planned. Meanwhile we have 40-50 air defense ships. Based upon that single weakness, the U.S. Navy would go through the PLA Navy like a hot knife through butter.

Author — Brian Ramsey


Let's support Taiwan as democratic country Ruben

Author — Ruben Buluran


China had told the world that it is most powerful Military, and now we find out that its Military is stuck as it has no Chip technology has made their missile launch failed. LOL.

Author — Sudendu Gupte


This Channel loves China so much, it keeps creating fake news about China for the "SHEEP".

Author — CockRoach Eater