LIVE: 2020 Vice Presidential Debate | Kamala Harris and Mike Pence

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Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will meet for a high-stakes vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two candidates will defend their running mates — Biden and Trump — and policies around covid, the economy and more.

More than previous years, this debate is being closely watched after Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis and the chaotic first presidential debate.

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Pence was fantastic
Kamala LOST
She is known as the worst liar in Congress

Author — Doran Vee


Pence, a stately and poised man with a consistent message, Harris a lady who
plays too much on cheap emotions and feigns disgust, she was the inferior in
this debate.

Author — ron vanrynmond


Tbh, I did really good during that debate.

Author — Abraham Lincoln


The bug never answered a single question!

Author — red Buoy


that host sounds like she has gravel in her mouth when she speaks, ,,, makes my skin crawl ....

Author — dog leg jake


I can’t take Kamala seriously, I keep seeing the SNL skit with Maya Rudolph 😂

Author — Melanie Nicasio


1:26:59 ... NO FLY on PENCE HEAD during topic of military, as shown in POST Live videos (fly added = deep fake)

Author — Sandy CA


Frank Luntz group of Independent undecided voters said Mike Pence won tonight's VP Debate. They said Harris evading the main question on packing the court and her scowls and laughing at Pence were off putting...

Author — Richards Family


Don't you understand I love you all I just do not like when people act really unintelligent when it comes down to humanity and the understanding of how peace and love really works within all our races and all our beliefs.. I am here to help you I understand you all need food shelter and you all need understanding and love especially when you lose people that you do have within your community and your families you all have a heart and you all bleed red I understand do not use that to endorse your own personal endeavors that's all.

Author — Joseph Dekker


Dodging questions like Neo dodging bullets.

Author — Thomas Grizzell


Except for letting us know that they mean to wreck the economy, Kamala did little more than to avoid questions and put forth clichés and outright slanders of Trump.

Author — Joaquin Delgado


Kamal can t stop smiling and making funny faces while talking about the covid tragedy. Now, people are concerned about Joe health, I m frankly concerned more about mental health of her VP

Author — Paolo Panicali


Operation Warp speed, gottah love the current government.

Author — Captain Telion


For what she is smiling?, when serious things to talk?

Author — L&Y R


I came here to see the comments and all I see is FLY...
I googled about the debate and everything's about FLY too...

Author — ASMR Voices of Ketchup


The moderator stated giving roughly equal time to both of you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is the biggest bold face lie she could have stated.. clearly bias.

Author — Adam W



Author — MT