HOW LONG will we be here? - Self Isolation 🇹🇷ISTANBUL TURKEY VANLIFE

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Our overlanding vanlife adventure continues even if we are in self isolation in a carpark in Istanbul, TURKEY 🇹🇷45 days and counting. How long will be be here for - this is the question.

To see more about diving in Nusa Penida check out:

One thing is for sure this is going to be a road trip that you wont want to miss, the ultimate VAN LIFE road trip.

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After more than 22 years of marriage we are still best friends

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Marianne and Chris

💬 Comments on the video

You have really changed my view of Turkey and the people. I’m so glad you did that. It’s been an education for me. You wouldn’t have had a better experience anywhere on the planet. The people that you interact with are so kind. Hope you get going soon. Also we are enjoying your videos.

Author — JohnlynHD


I spent 2 weeks on business in Istanbul a few years ago. The people were wonderful, helpful and very nice. I loved Turkey

Author — Aleda Frishman


Dear Marianne and Chris..
My name is Oguz living Izmir Turkey, I just watched your last video.. I want to explain something.19 th May is a national holiday(Youth Holiday) so, four days included weekend 15 big cities not allowed to go outside, 15 cities lockdown.. And next Sunday May 24th we have Ramadan holiday for 3 days. And good news for you, Georgia Border will be open at 15 th June if no increase numbers of cases. It says Traveling from Istanbul also allowed end of this month. Stay Safe. Stay Strong..

Author — Mr Fix


seyahatinizi bitirdikten sonra Türkiye'ye yerleşirsiniz diye düşünüyorum.

Author — yasin ulusoy


I saw you in the news and thought I should find your YouTube channel right away. Because you are a very cute and friendly couple. We love you ☺️💕🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Feyza


Ali is a komşu a friend a guard
And a herbalist
Böyle devam et Ali

Author — Selçuk Selçuk


what wonderful people, this has just made our minds up where we will be travelling to next. much love to all

Author — Owen Thomas


Amazing video! The world could be burning but you will still find Turks playing football:)

Author — PG TV


It's nice to be cheerful on these hard days. Good luck. 👏👏👏🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Kahraman KILIÇ


I'm so glad you're being looked after. It's so heartwarming to witness the kindness of strangers. And after watching Jason and seeing how you attract such good people wherever you go, I'm hopeful that the Tread Team will help pave the way to a better world. All the best guys. 💚💙 (And Chris's explore comment cracked me up! 😂😂😂)

Author — Angelica Jardinerica


Those beautiful people so kind to yous, bless them 🌸🌈 makes me smile watching this, r world has a lot of good people in it, I hope and pray one day soon this virus will disappear xx

Author — sharon stewart


I'm flying to Istanbul on June 17 in transit to Riga, Latvia. If you're still there I'll wave at you. Italy is open to tourists on June 3 with no 14 day self isolation period. Spain is still on lock down until at least June 15.

Author — Peter Risbergs


That is how the Turkish people are and if you say 'help' out laud they will fight each other to help you. Stay safe.

Author — talat guneyli


Hey, the holiday was May 1st, Labor Day not the start of Ramadan. But we'll have Ramadan (Candy) Holiday for 9 days soon.

Author — A N


Great to have folks looking out for you in such times as these! Where are you putting all that food? Thanks for sharing be safe!

Author — Discovering LockeNest


Hello Chris & Mariann you both are Great. Lovely people bringing you guys groceries 🙏👍. Love those New Shirt Designs... God Bless you both. Thank you for Always keeping us watching your Videos. Much Love.... Take Care.

Author — Desde el Inicio


Hi really enjoyed this video. You have wonderful neighbours the live chat today great thanks for keeping us updated 😁

Author — Colin Jones


Full marks for your positivity in an unusual lock-down situation.. Here in NZ we have just dropped to Level 2, and we are allowed out again (with a few conditions).

Author — Jonni Arcotti


Is’nt it just wonderful in Turkey. The people are so nice and forthcoming. I so much enjoy your videos, you are so positive and fun.

Author — Elsuba Ellis


Hi M.&C. You are so lucky with your parkup and neighbors in Turkey! As a full time van dweller in UK I can just get hate and anger from the locals (inc Shropshire Hills unfortunately). Enjoy love and welcoming from other nations abroad as in here we have not as much luck... Stay safe and see you one day!

Author — AUSA