America's Worst Disaster | Fatal Collision Over New York City | United 826 and TWA 266 | 4K

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Find out why United Airlines Flight 826 bound for JFK airport, collided with TWA flight 266 descending into New York's LaGuardia Airport.

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💬 Comments on the video

I can’t think of anything more horrific than to see the ground coming and there’s nothing you can do. RIP to all those that died that day.

Author — K. Day


Imagine being a passenger staring outside of your window seeing another plane coming towards you..

Author — Sin Corazon


ATC & pilot error. But ATC should have advised the United flight that they we out of position by 11 MILES!

Author — Jerry Roe


Also one of the planes landed on a funeral home. A young couple and child staying as caretakers there got out safe. It was weird that it fell on the funeral home. Very sad for all involved.

Author — Russell Jackson


My friend Gordon Deer put a blanket on the boy who survived the crash he was laying in a snowbank in front of Gordon's house. Lindsay Le Borgne

Author — Lindsay Le Borgne


I really like how he does 'in memory of the people', makes you remember that it wasn't just some event 60 years ago that is disconnected from us...those people ARE us, with all of their little individual lives stolen away, along with their hopes and dreams. You always think 'that could never be me' until it is.

Author — Razumikhin Jones


What a horrific way to die. Staying in the air for those 8 miles just dragged out the terror. So scary and sad.

Author — Theresa75


Can’t imagine how horrifying that would have been to experience. Rest In Peace.

Author — Luis A


I remember this as I was the same age as the young boy...I believe they found the boy strapped to his seat in a snow bank...there are articles in Google about a nurse that took care of the young boy...He asked her if he was going to die, she of course tried to console his fears...knowing full well he would not survive...such a haunting memory of a terrible day in aviation

Author — Dana Gouette


My only wish was that all 128 souls were taken to heaven quickly and without suffering

Author — Colleen Ross


All the dear souls that died, in this horrible tragedy😰

Author — Joanie Lorentz


I was 8 years old living in queens and remember when it happened. RIP

Author — Joe


This channel is one of the rare places where every feedback is positive, and it sure deserves it!!

Author — Bareerah Ob


When i discoverd this channel i wasnt into planed that much... But i started watching and not missing video and i keep reading why it crashed so i know more. And now im working hard to become a pilot. Thank you ❤

Author — Fluffy RR


I was born December 9 nearby in Brooklyn and my dad told me he could smell the aviation fuel, smoke, etc when he came to see me in the hospital.

Author — James Mack


*_I love how big the sky is, yet these two flights managed to touch each other_*




Those Superconstellations sure were a sight to see. It's right up there on my list of sexiest-looking aircraft.

Author — H3R3T1C


This video is incorrect. It states that the last mid-air collision involving two commercial airliners was the one depicted in this video. When in fact on December 4, 1965, an Eastern Air Constellation had mid-air with a TWA 707. The Eastern plane was heading to Newark from Boston, the TWA fromSan Francisco to JFK. The Eastern plane crashed into a field outside of Danbury, CT. The pilot did an amazing job of getting the plane on the ground between two silos into an uphill field at dusk. Sadly 9 folks died in the original crash. The TWA laded safely at JFK. I know this to be as I was on the Eastern flight with my mother and father. My father died two years later as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. Just wanted to set the record straight.

Author — Fred R. Buonanno


Never should have happened. What gets me is that the TWA plane was warned about the presence of the other plane and yet they still collided. And how come the United plane wasn't warned?

Author — Scott Johnson


When I first read the title of the video, that it was a collision between a United plane and a TWA plane, I assumed for a second it was referring to the Grand Canyon collision in 1956... but it's a totally different one. I had no idea about this accident... Crazy to think that the same two airlines had separate collision incidents with each other just 4 years apart. In both accidents, the TWA plane was a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation. As for the United plane in the Grand Canyon crash it was a DC-7, and in this one it's a DC-8. RIP to all those lost 🙏 🙏

Author — Flying with Fran