Carousel - 1956 - If I loved you duet.

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Beautiful Duet with Gordon MacRae and Shirely Jones.

Anya xoxo

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One of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard.

Author — TimeandMonotony


Graduated from High School and saw this with the girl I fell in love with and have loved her for 60 more years now.

Author — Jim Anderson


I first saw this as a stage play in 1953. Now I'm 81 and blubbering like a baby.

Author — Thomas Vaughan Jones


Richard Rogers said the music from Carousel was the most beautiful he had written in his lifetime

Author — lynnyoga


Her face, her hair, that voice, that dress. Could there be anything more perfect.

Author — mysterioso 100


Gordon MacRae--one of Hollywood's best voices--and a hunk and a half. Those puppy dog brown eyes, boyish grin, and sturdy physique makes me melt. Sigh.

Author — windstorm1000


Achingly beautiful...almost too beautiful to listen to. Tears come... for both the beauty of the music, and the astounding talent of these singers

Author — marklemon75


Nobody will ever be able to sing this duet the way these two can

Author — Nikki Mattern


Why can't guys sing like this anymore? *sigh*

Author — Jayah Williams


Nobody can sing this like Gordon. I can't go to any theatre versions of Carousel because all I hear is Gordon's voice and nobody else will ever be as good.

Author — GingerNinja


I'm 70 years old,   and I've never found a better piece of movie.
But there again, who cares what I think,    I'm just a speck of nothing.

Author — Philip Price


So sad that this and all the other masterpieces, Sound of music .South Pacific, Man of La Mancha, Carousel, Flower Drum Song etc. will never in a million years be duplicated . Hasn"t society become "sophisticated " and cultured .

Author — R Maldonado


I can't watch this without tears pouring down my cheeks. Utterly bewitching, heartbreaking and beautiful. Jones and MacRae were truly awesome together. The greatest film version of a musical ever? I think so.

Author — Geoff P


i love this I grew up with all these wonderful musicals, My parents passed away this year three months apart the loss is so great, but this just takes me back to when they were alive and we would all sing along to these amazing songs.

Author — Eric Kriel


Gordon MacRae and Shirely Jones had such great chemistry. Both in this and in Oklahoma.

Author — Lurker1979


Shirley Jones loved working with Gordon MacRae. And I love Shirley. I could listen to her forever and cry at every note.

Author — Dave Smith


Just beautiful. And wishing for the times again, for everyone.

Author — Frank Fiello


This is the most beautiful song ever written for a musical. I can’t listen without crying. The music just goes straight to your heart.

Author — Lisa Vandeman


Rumor for a while now is that Hugh Jackman wants to remake this film. I love Hugh, I do, but they should just leave the fim alone I hope a remake never gets done. No matter who played the lead.

Author — cbg gednet


This is really great music, as beautifully devised as opera- the music seems to leap out of the words, and they are perfectly melded. MacRae was one of the greats! thank you for posting for this wonderful musical moment!

Author — Matthew Mosca