Rohingya crisis: 'Rape and murder' in the Village of Tula Toli - BBC News

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*** Warning: This report contains distressing scenes including explicit descriptions of sexual violence ***

These are the harrowing accounts of villagers of Tula Toli where Rohingya Muslims were massacred - a special investigation by BBC Newsnight, Reporter Gabriel Gatehouse, Producer James Clayton; Filmed and Edited by Jack Garland

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A Year ago I had a nightmare where I was there. I saw everything with my eyes, I was lying in a hole with uncountless dead Children covered with blood and slaughtered babies. I acted like I am already dead.. the buddhists where searching for those who are still alive. it was undescribeable horrific and stressful that I started to vomit. In this nightmare I felt a feeling that I never felt before in my life... the worst ever.

It was the worst nightmare I had because this is Really happening!! We cannot EVEN IMAGINE what those poor people feel, I swear we cannot.

May Allah unite the rohingya muslims in paradise where they feel forever happiness :'(

Author — Diana Almaz


"How many times have we said never again after Bosnia, after Rwanda, yet we find ourselves talking about people being persecuted, people being murdered, people being pushed out of their homeland?"

Author — Mahfouz Akon


This is so heartbreaking! I thank God everyday for the life I live.

Author — Mama Sisi


Human rights are not just for the people you like but also the people you don't like.Its a pity hate like a disease has a habit of spreading.



That's actually a pretty good report, without all the usual left bias. Thanks BBC!

Author — Frejr


This is heart breaking! Dit is verschrikkelijk! Chi tio estas terura! Dio, kompatu la homaron!

Author — Johan Derks


Thanks BBC for bringing such a wonderful news

Author — R A


"Even if thieves carve you limb from limb with a double-handed saw, if you make your mind hostile you are not following my teaching."- Buddha

Author — DystopianUtopia


And yet again the UN cannot seem to do anything, what is the point of the UN if they can't launch an action to prevent genocide or bring war criminals to justice.

Author — Gus.


May Allah save you brothers and sisters

Author — Adam Adam


If i have wings and power i wanna fly and go with them and give of help to them and power to change their life but i'm only a simple woman with simple life so i don't have anything to offer for them but i send prayer for them i know it's powerful than to anything else 💘💔😢...

Author — Inner feelings


Decades on from the rape of Nanking and Bangladesh, and this stuff is still happening :(

Author — Moo Moo


These Muslims tried to create a Rohingya Islamic state in 1990s, why can't they live together with these budhists

Author — Justin James


What ever it is, its not a good idea to allow them into INDIA, India is already heavily populated and only runs on 2% taxpayers, It already got huge poor population, now if these people come in to India then it will be a chaos. These videos seems so convincing and we may have sympathy as humans but we have to protect our lands and resources so that our own people will not die in hunger.

Author — Thor


Thanks for you BBC news 'for the report

Author — প্রবাস জীবন


This is so so heartbreaking I couldn't wach it all

Author — Zahide Ahmed


Send rohingya muslims to saudi arabia, oman, Qatar, UAE, Pakistan.Because these countries have less population & more money and they r islamic countries.They can help them.

Author — tck x


I say this backed by every cell in my body, screw our damned species. That asteroid is already too late...

Author — geerenmo


I've never really paid attention until I watched this video. it terrifies me. and I feel an immense desire to be of help for these refugees. I pray that God justifies the cruel & utmost inhumane actions of the violators!

Author — damaged lips


And all the UN money giving to the HAMAS terrorist group to build tunnels and rockets and not to real people in need.and the UN and CNN are not talking about this problem and talk about Palestine just to find a reason to blame Israel.

Author — Bino Nori