Ken Starr on Mueller report: Trump team should be celebrating

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Mueller delivers Russia probe report to DOJ; what happens next? Panel reaction and analysis on 'The Ingraham Angle.

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Can we finally focus on the Democrats coup attempt and all their treason and corruption now?

Author — agua man


Mr. Schumer try so hard to sound wise and metered. He’s not.

Author — Elaine Kilgore


We all knew including the dishonest Dems that Trump did not collude

Author — Matthew Russell


No need to celebrate. When falsely accused and it’s proven false, it’s not a win for you but a loss for your accusers.
President Trump and team have more hard work ahead of them and they have the support of all patriots. Keep on winning Mr. President.

Author — Paul


Time to put those who lied for FISA warrants in prison !

Author — D.A. Risse


Mueller may have pimped all his Democrat lawyers !!!! You can't say the Report is wrong or bias to Trump because no Republicans were on his team !!!! Trump 2020 !!!

Author — Hadassah


God bless the Constitutional Republic of the USA.

Author — Anthony Quantrill


Dems are always flip-flopping to make themselves look important. They are all done in my opinion! I have walked away from the Dem party & feel real free now.

Author — Doreen Burns


Wasn’t it Schiff who said you can’t release the memos because it would be dangerous for our security? Why yes... yes it was

Author — Renee DaSinger


Happy Trump is winning, i'm so happy, I feel like i got a new toy !!!

Author — mary lamarr


Not one of them worried about the "HONOR CODE" when Obama, Clinton, Bush's were in office. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — Patrick Bear


LMAO! Going after Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone was a sure sign they were running out of ammo! MAGA and KAP!

Author — BK Borchers


The "coup" failed. The deep state crooks are still at large.

Author — ON SONG


Crazy-Eyes Schiff is the best entertainment. He is 1000% Burbank, to the core

Author — Steve Wyatt


Where was the HONOR CODE when the Kenyan said "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?" Where was the honor code when Obama told the Russian ambassador that he would have more flexibility after his re-election? Seems like the honor code is one of convenience.

Author — Paul H


It is obvious that those who fight Trump are those who have something to hide. They are desperate to remove Trump and keep their crimes hidden.

Author — D Z


Long live to Donald Trump, The best president !!! From Miami Florida =) !!!

Author — Paul Ramirez


The Fisa judges are in on this whole crooked investigation too

Author — chocolate*


Democrats, your leaders have boldly lied to you for over two years. Now is the time to walk away. There has to be consequences.

Author — Campbase


Get ready for them to fall back on their ole dependable race card tactic.

Author — DOCBAR