The Longest Way - Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan

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The Longest Way - Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan5
This is a stroll from July 31st, 2016 in Khorgas, China until January 25th, 2017 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Lots of cats and dogs to be petted along the way. And the stroll is not over, yet.

Filmed using DSLR 18mm, DSLR 85mm, Actioncam, Gimbalcam, Mobile Phone.

Audio track: MatthewFisher - “Uplifted Heart” (licensed through Envato)

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the next, japan to los angeles by swimming

Author — TheCaMarchePas78


This guy is the most underrated youtuber ever!

Author — Garçon Pour Mer


"Mum, I'm just going out for a walk..."

Author — Alistocrat


So sick man, I watched most of your vlogs from this trip. I enjoy your unique style. Looking forward to more TLWs in the future. Cheers, Nick.

Author — Indigo Traveller


This is... f*cking... AWESOME ! You are the perfect exemple for all the world, "believe in your dreams".
Love from France <3

Author — Adrien Mouysset


Приятно видеть людей, рассекающих по Казахской степи)

Author — AntOnOff


You know, I just went for a km long (short) walk and now I smell like a wet towel. I really admire your strength, for I know not a lot of people would be able to do this. Well done. Like woah, man. GREAT JOB!!!

Author — Mayor Of Simpleton


how many languages does this guy know? I wanna walk the earth too ya know

Author — Scott Sterling


i want one day to walk from Greece to Latvia

Author — ChrisTheGreek


Outstanding Video quality and edit. Love it Christoph

Author — Brynmag Productions


Next Vid: The Longest Way - Bora Bora to The Moon 8K

Author — Merle Therrien


Good Luck Man!Your videos are awesome <3

Author — FallenKraftas


Chris, well done, I take my hat off to you. Not only walking that distance - but showing the romantics, that it's not all sun and easy going. Keep it up man, one foot in front of the other. You must see some beautiful sights meet some incredible people. Thing I found in India was just how friendly they were - and being from western Europe - having to realise that they don't all have an ulterior motive.

I'd love to be able to take a year out and do what you do - unfortunately - I'm tied down figuratively, with a mortgage to pay. Still I'm luckier than most, with a job that is interesting to me (still), and that I enjoy. Some travel, and it pays well enough.

You though, are doing what you want, how you want and when you want. Keep enjoying the stroll.

Author — Rigger


omgggg, so beautiful!!! thankyou man for this video 😊❤

Author — Medy My


Oh man! You are an inspiration of millions of people, things which you are doing is beyond imagination of common man.
May God bless you.
Stay strong, stay healthy.

Author — Shanawaz Alam


Ziemlich schönes Video :)
Really nice video :)

Author — LZ miljoona


How can you do that? I mean, how can someone go through so lonely paths for so long time?

Author — Marcus Vinicius


You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us.
From a fellow traveller with love. xx

Author — Ellen Wong


You're amazing. I love your videos. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Author — Kristýna Hanusová


Wow, this is so professionally made. Love it :-)

Author — Styrian Tuscany