What the Hell Happened This Week? Week of 9/7/2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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What the hell happened this week? A gender reveal party causes a wildfire, protests intensify surrounding the killing of Daniel Prude, and Trump gets caught admitting he's downplayed coronavirus and systemic racism. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

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💬 Comments on the video

"The first president who is a non essential worker" 😂

Author — Keisha Smith


"White Jewish woman cancels herself, revealing she has only been pretending to black all this time" sounds like an Onion article.

Author — I Forgot


I"m so sick of fox sticking up for this guy! He's leading us into the abyss!! All lies, lies, lies

Author — Walter Clark


Hey person scrolling through the comments, you're awesome, have a great day/night ❤

Author — Abdirisak Awes


He called himself our favorite president and Twitter blew up with photos of the Obama family.

Author — A Grant-Blackwell Muze


Trump didn’t just downplay it, he actively spoke out against life saving measures and encouraged people to fight against stay at home orders.

Author — Jaritza D.


Child: so how was my gender revealed Mother: we set California on fire



Pyrotechnics to 'reveal' the gender of a baby? All they need to do is hand each guest a wallet. If it has a dollar bill inside, the baby is a boy. If it has 72 cents, it's a girl.

Author — B30pt87


"Donald Trump, the first president who is a non-essential worker" 😂😂 good one.

Author — kelly O


Question: What the hell happened this year?
Answer: Hell happened.

Author — Howie


"Downplay"? Trump actually called the concern a HOAX - more than once. He mocked people for wearing masks, encouraged people to ignore social distancing.

Author — Scott Strain


Krug canceled herself because she was about to be exposed.

Author — Alina Robello


"A white Jewish woman decided to cancel herself, revealing she had only been pretending to be black all this time"

This is a south Park joke, has to be

Author — BigChief Toke


OMFG the Hitler scene continues to age very well

Author — Nox


So what we have is actually three pandemics: racism, Coronavirus and pathological lying

Author — MLG GAMER


Conservatives: "we like Trump because he speaks his mind!"

Also conservatives: "that's not what he meant, you're taking it out of context!"

Author — Eddie Brock


"The problem with defending Trump at all cost is eventually you're forced to invent the most ridiculous conspiracy theories"

Author — Donna Hall


"I'm startin' to think y'all kind of racist" lol

Author — Jeremy Holland


The first president who is a non essential worker 🤣🤣

Author — samwiseshanti


That secret white woman outed herself trying to stay ahead of some blackmail, I'm sure of it. She didn't pretend to be POC for years and then suddenly "come to her senses"

Author — wildcatste