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Sports are REALLY hard when you're dizzy.

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💬 Comments on the video

I got dizzy just watching you guys spin around so much xD

Author — Wolfie


They made a whole crater in the ground😂

Author — Adam Brink



Not Coby's fault if the balloon didn't pop up

Author — Mr. Invincible


The slow progression of them digging a circular hole in the ground

Author — Brandon Serafin


Anyone still watching this in June 2020 😅?

Author — Omar Quadri


Football trickshots "Water Edition"

Author — TheXboxCriminal


When you’re binge watching all of dp vids and all the comments say they are too

Author — Avis Clark


6:31 years of mockery would have been avoided...

Author — blabla123567890


I like how Cody basically declares himself winner

Author — Penny Films


Who is watching all of DP's video just to pass the time in Quarantine :)

Author — M M S


Coby: youngest person tow have vertigo twice, but gets 50.1 yards anyways,
Coby: I've won, but at what cost?

Author — Derek Arredondo


me watching this 3 years ago at ten years old with my moms phone now me watching as a 14 yr old sitting in quarantine 😂🤦‍♀️

Author — Liam Flynn


TY: I guess i should hide behind the cameras
Also TY: But I dunno the buttons.
Also also TY: *hosts finale round.*

Author — Laily Ahmad


Laser Tag Battle! Comment and Like if you agree!

That would be awesome!

Author — Tommy End


Still wondering how garrets golf shot went negative one yard when it wasn’t hit 😂

Author — Jr Figueroa


At 4:41 did that club pull him or something

Author — Notaidan 380


The rules are clearly stated in the beginning of the video “total yardage wins” and never said anything about a water balloon battle. Coby should have won.

Author — The Golden Crossbow


7:25 is where outro madness starts, first Coby gets hit with the bat, then Garrett totally screws up his outro command, then Tyler murders the audience with a baseball bat....


Author — Angela Kemper


when you realize they edited this with imovie

Author — yeetice


It’s funny hearing this music while they whiff it almost every time.

Author — State Of Golf