3 True Scary Halloween Stories

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Here is the this years edition of true Halloween horror stories.

Story 1 : Sean Pegg
Story 2 : Cody Bailey
Story 3 : Anonymous

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In response to the third story regarding why they didn't just move the planchette to the "yes" part of the board, some Ouija boards don't have the yes and no parts, but for the most part they do. Small details like that sometimes you may just have to believe that maybe the people in the story were unaware of something and let it slip by them. I cant say with the upmost certainty that all the stories I read are 100% truth, however sometimes people make human mistakes that make their way into these stories.

Author — Mr. Nightmare


This month is mr.nightmares month. Can’t wait for all the stories.

Author — HaaW 84


It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎃

Author — Gorey Bits


Things I learned: that thingy you use with the Ouija board has a name.

Author — Donna M


moral of the 3 stories:
1. never talk to stranger/ and be aware of your surroundings
2. never go to places you don’t know
3. don’t play with ouija

Author — subscribe to help me get a cat


You know it's spooktober when the skeleton inside everyone starts acting up

Author — Justin Y.


As a Spirit Halloween cashier we don’t claim this “Mike” guy.😂

Author — Halloween Prodigy


Story 3: "I got my ouija board"

Me: this is not going to end well. Using Ouija boards never does

Author — Autum Breeze


"We didn't stay for long. We just stayed a couple of hours at most"
This could just be me who is introverted and never attended many parties, but a couple hours doesn't sound like a: we didn't stay for long

Author — Malcolm Aeternus


The scariest part is the guy saying that Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween that much

Author — Jurassic swamp Potato


It’s kind annoying when people name their friends as just letters... like u couldn’t think of names?

Author — Nick _


Can’t wait for “Scary Black Friday Stories”

Author — CristianGamingStuff14 YT


Calling the cops on a ghost was a surprisingly big brain move.

Author — Fallen Hero


It kills me when people just name people in their stories with letters. Like would it KILL you to just make up a name?

Author — Veronica Garza


Mr.Nightmare is one of the best Narrators of ALL TIME

Author — ItsYaboiTrevor


First Story
OP: *tells personal details on a Halloween Party he’s going to a sketchy person*

Sketchy Person: *shows up at the party and acts like a complete creep and then proceeds to stalk OP when party is over.*

OP: *shocked Pikachu face*

Author — Low-key Drama


I was listening to that first story, and my heart sank hearing him say out loud the address, and the name of a girl in the sorority. He even said the name of the SORORITY, which means he knows it's girls-only if he has a brain, went to college, or had friends who did. On top of that he said it's a by name invite only, then got baited into giving his name. Be smart and cautious people, even though this dude was smart like shown later, he wasn't cautious enough to prevent this from happening.

Author — The Cloaker


I can’t be the only person who thought these were all HIS stories and not viewer sent.

Author — God


okay i NEED an update after halloween from the second guy...

Author — PixeLexy


1. Don't tell obviously weird and shady people about parties.
2. Don't go trick or treating without an adult.

Bruh I made dis comment
YESTERDAY, where'd all these likes and replies come from?!? 😱😱😱

Author — XShadowVEnigmaX