Nicosia, Cyprus / A Divided City / Turkey VS Cyprus

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I took a day trip to visit Nicosia, Cyprus and of course the most curious thing about it was the divided capital. I was a bit nervous to cross the border but actually it was easy and no one cared on either side.

Just show your passport and say you're coming to see the sights for a few hours and then returning.

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💬 Comments on the video

Throughout the whole island there are still signs in almost every town of the war.

Author — Alex


Well explained i learned alot ... other youtubers lean or say something good for oneside..nice food 😋👍



summak is a middle eastern herb like zattar which is also another common middle eastern herb and the language is arabic xD

Author — munjed al-bahkeet


actually guys cyprus a mean of a brother Greeco and turkic peoples live in cyprus i hope on the future cyprus will get combine and greek-turkish bois live on the peace bcuz i know we are brother we are same sea childs

Author — Frazze


there are many travellers on youtbe, but they mostly provide worthless information, this on the other hand is quality journalism. very good reporting on things that others forget to mention, yet are important

Author — Martin Kulik


Im greek cypriot, ive visited the north once for a wedding. My dad gets along well with that family, both the groom and my dad drank whiskey together, the songs played were the same ones we sing just in Turkish, we look the same as well. The people fighting in these comments are pathetic. I wish people could move on its not the 70s anymore

Author — Alpha StormZ


I' ve been there twice.One in 2006 for vacations and the 2nd time for me Greek Military in 2010.Such a beautifull island with a great history

Author — Βίκτωρας Μπεκιάρης


Too bad you didn't show the "cypriotic" side's traditional food and you showed only the turkish food. Btw to sound more professional i suggest googling the demonym of the country you are in..

Author — cypriotpilot


It’s not even a country it’s illegally occupied!

Author — Raphailia T


you should make a movie call it the room2

Author — Mohamed B


Sorry but is NOT Turkish side.. Cyprus is ONLY ONE (CYPRUS REPUBLIC🇨🇾) and has OCCUPIED PART of the island by 45.000 TURKISH TROOOS! So is Cyprus and OCCUPIED part OF CYPRUS!

Author — Stelios Gerasimou


there are two states in cyprus
..greek and turkish side.the map is drawn with war
not on the table.

Author — endy v


Wow, that was a perfectly splendid gothic cathedral 4:25 they have brutalized into a mosque on the outside. Unreal. But at least they have retained much of the internal architecture.

Author — lucysluckyday


Cyprus is Southern Cyprus.Northern Cyprus is not Cyprus(Southern Cyprus).The capital of Southern Cyprus is Nicosia(South Nicosia).The capital of Northern Cyprus is North Lefkosha(Lefkosha)

Author — Emin Gasimzadeh


0:05 you are calling it Turkish side .... that's disrespectful if you want to make videos and show things about the Island do it right... its a Greek area invaded and occupied from Turkish army. And not a Turkish side I hope you understand the difference.

Author — Gr pr


Did he say Cypriodic? Ohh and it’s not Cypriot and Turkish. Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Two separate and sovereign states.

Author — Michael K


Whole island belongs to Cyprus not Turkish.

Author — Shiv Sharma


First of all, it's Cypriot not Cypriotic. Also please refer to it as the 'illegally occupied side' as it is not Turkish. No country in the world apart from Turkey recognizes the so called 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'. The fact of the matter is that it is an illegal state controlled by Erdogan and his puppets who refuse to collaborate for a solution to the problem.

Author — DriverFocused


Sorry, but it is important to say that the turks reacted on the greek-cypriotic massacres.
Else the Story is not told completely.
But i agree that nicosia is a must-visit town.

Author — Sa A


used to go school there, hate to see divided but Greek Cypriots attitude & discrimination towards Turkish Cypriots is horrible !

Author — Zeb Qaimkhani