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Hello everyone, Welcome to my first Gacha Club Mini Movie! I was worried at first that it would be really hard for me to transition from Gacha Life to Gacha Club because I wouldn’t be used to Gacha Club, but it’s a really great app and I got used to it really quickly! Anyways, I hope you like this video ✨

Also, I might not make a part two for this unless you guys really want me to. Even though I’m pretty fast at using Gacha Club, I still am a bit slow, so I won’t waste time making a part two unless it’s highly requested.

Anyways, have a great day everyone! Thanks for watching! 💕

~…~…~…~…~TECHNICHAL STUFF~…~…~…~…~

Time Taken: 7 Days
Screenshots: Around 800-1000
Apps Used:
~Gacha Club
~IbisPaint x

None of the backgrounds or props in this video are mine, if you own any of the assets in my video and don’t want me to use them, contact me and I’ll go ahead and take the video down 👍

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Why is the intro so good like I watch it every time but 😳😳

Author — Dotted_Box


One thing I don’t understand: How is Cookie only 14 but make SO good GMMs?

Like if u agree plz
Comment if u know
Edit: ok, i see, i was just COMPLIMENTING her, so plz don’t tell me “it’s talent, age doesn’t matter” all over again- I get it, ok? The notifications are starting to get annoying- so plz don’t :/

Author — Xx_GummyBear_xX


Japanese boi: Why can't I fall in love?!?!
Me: **Looks at thumbnail**
Also me: **Looks at Japanese boi**
Me again: Dude, that's cuz ur gay **insert proud mama noises**
Japanese boi:

Author — • R î n ä •


Hansuki & manager: **travels**
Edit: omg i never got this much likes tysm

Author — Mxrble_ berry


How to make amazing gcmm:

1. *Cry*

Author — • Pinky Wolves Cat The Spammer •


Cute cookie gacha, was the first youtuber that never change her intro, in my opinion 😶✨

Author — Khylle Albarico


4 comments 14 likes but doesn’t show comments and no view. Btw good vid!

Author — Ye Ju Lee


Who else realizes that the Japanese Singer was singing Korean?


Author — Xx_GummyBear_xX


hey cookie what time is it in ur city-_- im in the early moring?

Author — Harmony Clayton


Ok im confused why did u post this again? Didn't u just post this video before?

Author — Neko Nyaah


(When they get to there destination) wait hmmm what’s that a poster?wait...is it a opera poster?!
(Later) the best movie of course PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
(Me) runs of screaming

Author — Taroob Haider


*cunfusion me not remembering me watching the episode* oR dID I Not?

Author — Fɭy aฝaฯ


Hansuki: I've never loved a girl before...
Me: he gonna love a boy? 😂☺️😍

Author — Lily Rose


have a good night everyone!!

also the backround:morning

me: okaaYyy, lets just uh..ignore that.

me:does 1 script

also me:


my brain cells : -
i dont know next.


Author — Maud — - Hyeon


Me: *smirks thoughtfully* So, Cute Cookie Gacha read the comments on her last GLMM, didn't she?

Author — OodlesOfOptimism


When he said he couldn’t fall in love i either thought like..
1. Asexual
2. Gay!

Author — Queerios


Ah, I didn’t see the upload time and thought this was part 2 ._. Hopefully other people also want a part 2!

Author — LazySmolPotato 25


Why is no one asking for part 2? I cAnT bE lEfT lIkE tHiS

Author — Mah boi Calvin


Ahem how dare you interrupt my “STUFF” >:o I was working on a gacha life episode >:9 “RUDE” 😡

Author — Lisa Ropp


GCMM: [The Next Morning]

An ad showed up

The Ad: *A girl Drinking Coffee* (Greatest White: Philippines Coffee Brand)

Author — Nightcore Playz