Excess deaths: How many are dying from coronavirus? - BBC News

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COVID-19 has already killed over 450,000 people, but a BBC investigation into excess deaths during the pandemic - the higher than normal death rate in 2020 compared to previous years - has found that official figures are underestimating the amount of people being killed by coronavirus around the world.

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How does BBC manage to get basic audio wrong in 2020?

Author — Stephen Tys


It seems Covid destroyed the right side of my headphone.

Author — AlphaRar


The most shocking thing about this video is the fact that the comments are not disabled.

Author — dobias28


Imagine being a multibillion-dollar global news network and you can't even manage to hire someone competent enough to make sure your audio isn't all jacked up before you upload it.

Author — LeeroyFan101


BBC an there total lie's an twisted truth.

Author — David Lawrence


The next generation would probably live with a mask on thinking ‘Mouth’ is now a private part

Author — 10k subs without any videos challenge


Nonsense nobody dies from covid19, people only die from organ necrosis

Author — Victualler


seems like corona virus us killing my right headphone

Author — Ryan R


Non-Covid patients dying because they were turned away by hospitals, people who die from hunger due to loss of job or means to get healthy food, and people who die from psychological effects of stress are the silent victims of the shadow cast by this pandemic. We're just counting from the tip of the iceberg.

Author — PhilRoi


When will the BBC conduct an investigation into the difference between 'peaceful demonstration' and 'violent riot' ?.

Author — El Snurdley


Im sure they will try to make sure you never know

Author — Karlos Khaos


Probably begs the question would there have been less deaths if countries never went into lockdown at all?

Author — Cool dude Corky


I love living in a country where politicians can neglect their citizens to a ridiculous extent and go completely unpunished 98% of the time.

Author — Sassy The Sasquatch


Stereo sound must be too expensive for the BBC.

Author — Dotado Jardiner


1:15 was the translater on his death bed when he translated this piece?

Author — Rick Sanchez


Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted

Author — Tendypops


This is nonsense ! The figures are wrong

Author — Mick Dillon


Stop fixating on the poor audio & spend your time refusing the mask of the beast.

Author — susananna magdala


UK deaths 1968 from Hong Kong Flu 80, 000. 2015 Flu deaths 44, 000. No lock down NO social distancing.

Author — brian temple


BBC please focus on what is on your plate!!! Tell it really what's happening right here at home.

Author — Saleh Othman