NEWS OF THE WORLD Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks, Western Movie HD

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NEWS OF THE WORLD Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks, Paul Greengrass, Western Movie HD
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I am proud as a german, that she as a german newcomer gets a role in a movie with Tom Hanks by Paul Greengrass.

Author — MrSmithie25


Looks like another great movie with Tom Hanks. The world needs more American Western movies.

Author — Joel Tilson


The whole thing is shot in shaky-cam, as you'd expect from Paul Greengrass.

Author — Thread Bomb


All these movies coming out look so unbearably bad 😂

Author — Spencer Corpuz


Universal Pictures: "In theatres, Christmas ..."
Corona Virus: "Hold my beer ..."

Just kidding. I hope so. I can't wait until we can go back to the theaters, but I am just going to be careful until a vaccine appears.


Author — Poe Lemic


"In theatres, Christmas"

Ha... we'll see about that...

Author — matt brendlen


let me guess.. he plays the good guy 🤣

Author — Constancio Tumbra


Oh thank god, they are getting rid of the conspiracy crap.

Author — Joseph Agar


So awesome. He found a foreign child on little saint james island and didn't let her get sold and now he's taking her home across the country. What an good movie and message . Thanks Hanks

Author — Mr.Satan I drew this myself


I thought he was going to play a dinosaur with a red cape in an alien movie 😒

Author — Malicey k


The World U.S.A🌍New Movie
Angels God Happy day 🏳 Heal
⭐Tom Hanks

Author — Laura Cordeiro


Hey, this looks exactly like an indian
Except set in 1900s western world, , ,

Author — Dwrkgrn


So, it's "The Last of Us", but without any zombies?

Author — R. Stanley Baroi


True grit without the revenge for the father's death part or Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges

Author — buy more


I have been waiting for years for Tom Hanks to make a western . He is like our generations Jimmy Stewart .

Author — John Stapleton


How is it possible that he gets infinitely more wonderful over time?

Author — Kate E


I really love a good western. I hope this one is.

Author — Delight Loves Movies


He was a Captain in Saving Private Ryan. He was a Captain in Captain Philips. And now he's a Captain again.

Author — Joshua Garcia


Good luck with being in theaters anytime soon. Most of the major theaters have already said they are staying closed til next year 😡

Author — Liberty Micro Farm


Another film about exploiting a child.. Just like democrats try to secretly do!

Author — Florida Wildlife