What Happened to the Aral Sea? | Travel to Uzbekistan's Worst Disaster

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What happened to the Aral Sea? Once the fourth largest inland body of water in the world, it's now nearly gone, leaving shipwrecks in the desert, lives destroyed and poisonous dust clouds spreading across the globe.

Join Alex the Vagabond and Marko Ayling, the Vagabrothers as they travel to the edge of this disappearing Sea to find out exactly what happened. Buckle your seat belts, this is going to be one strange trip!


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Quite sad but your Uzbekistan’s series is very beautiful and now on top of my list of countries to visit - Thanks to you Vagabrothers!

Author — Danielle Tanguay


I was just at the rusty ships today and I ate at the same place for lunch! I’ll be continuing my solo trip to Khiva tomorrow. My experience in Uzbekistan is totally different though because I don’t get special vlogger access to certain places and I don’t have a guide😐 But I’m still loving it, although it’s a bit difficult with language barrier sometimes.

Author — Eric C


ARAL SEA WOW... Now ghost town

this video is really informational.. I would love to travel places like this and learn more about their history. 🙌🏽

Author — Wamika K.


i know where the Aral sea is, but i never heard but how the water disapper! It is such an interesting video! So sad to see how the industry and their ambition destroy the nature.

Author — Nerea


What you said at 15:25 is _the_ reason why I travel. Thanks so much guys for opening my eyes to Uzbekistan. It's definitely top priority on my bucket list now!

Author — Erick Palacios


Short sighted thinking is ruining a lot of places all over the planet. Uzbekistan series is one of my favorites. The drone was used to good effect and gave scale to everything. No doubt Central Asia is getting added to the bucket list of some of your subscribers.👍

Author — andgainingspeed


Wow... this vlog is so educational... as an educator and a vlogger this is a fresh way to introduce hidden gems which are not usually featured and learn history of some unknown facts.

Author — YONAS Avenue


We can be smug in the US, but we have done the same thing to the Colorado River delta.

Author — Mike Gindling


That's heart breaking. But also, what a beautiful series.

Author — Jen O'Hogan


very inspiring video, sooo nice. your channel has inspired me to set up my own channel

Author — Travel Channel


humbling...and a lesson...we did the same mistake.... with how we tried to "tame" the Colorado river....and the Columbia river...altering forever vast parts of our country and forever altering and damaging those regions for, the even on a human time frame, benefit of the few for a brief period with consequences lasting far into the future...so short sighted.
Great series. Thanks.

Author — J F


Fabulous episode
Good information
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — Sanjay Chavnan


Good work GUYS!

so sad, för ARAL SEA. It's a real ecologic catastrophe of the century.

Hi, from SWEDEN

Author — Алекс Абдуллаев


Wow this is totally different. Watching from Estonia. You Guys are Amazing. Who else watching from Europe.

Author — Prabath the Explorer


This was a great series. Hope you travel more places like this. The places that are usually less travelled by.

Author — BoroNation !!


Hello from Uzbekistan and thank you guys for sharing our culture to all over the world and helping on developing our touristic potential. Really interesting and informational video. You should visit Surkhandarya district (Termez city) which borders on with Afghanistan and full of intetesting and worth seeing places. Very historycal and beautiful place.

Author — Humoyiddin Qurbonov


THIS could be the one and only major ECOLOGICAL teaching in schools to PROVE the devastation of greed. Everyone needs to know this and my humble thanks for educating me. ((hugs)) and my respect to both of you.

Author — Gloria Lodge


so very sad, the short term is killing the long term.

Author — 스칼렛 민지


Thanks for the opportunity to visit such an interesting, less obvious place! It's so much fun to live vicariously through your travel videos, I love how they're not just "Here's what we did on vacation" videos, it's not about promoting some resort in the Maldives and stuff like that, which there is an abundance of already! We get to learn about these places, the nature and the culture, it's really great teaching about world history and human diversity! You're making the world feel smaller at a time where we most need people to realize that humanity is a community, and that we all need to take care of our collective home, the pale blue dot! Cheers from Canada! xxx

Author — Kate Malone


Wow! I so love vlogs to unique countries such as Uzbekistan! Hopefully I can visit Central Asia. Please continue making vlogs about unique places here on Earth.

Author — Ian Paul Saligumba