Turkish Drone Bayraktar TB2 Destroyed by Russian Military with Krasukha

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The Russian Army (SVR) destroyed a number of Turkish-owned Bayraktar TB2 drones. The incident occurred near Russia's borders with Turkey and Armenia.

The Bayraktar TB2 drone crashed and was destroyed after being hit by a sophisticated Russian weapon attack, the Krasukha Electronik Warfare System.

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Baraykdar destruye 700 tanques armenios

Author — oslo rifland


That TB2 destroyed 1 billion dollar worth of equipment first.

Author — tolga tarkan ölmez


True news. They lost 1 bayraktar for destroying 700 tanks. Nice work who????

Author — Silenz


Is that why you signed the "PAINFUL" peace deal with Azerbaijan??
Is that why Armenian soldiers and Tanks and Missile systems are being cooked like roasted beef from the sky ?
Am I missing something here or my eyes are just deceiving me ? 🤔🤔

Author — Bachir TBD


The rocket alone costs more than a drone

Author — Arkane


Destroyed 700 tanks and 1 got destroyed 😂

Author — Error


Amigos (él o los que postearon este video mentiroso), fue este dron turco el que destruyó los supuestos imbatibles sistemas de guerra electrónica y sistemas antiaéreos rusos, no desinformen ni tergiversen la verdad, pueden buscar los videos que confirman lo que posteo, en el conflicto entre Armenia y Azerbaiyán se destruyeron decenas de equipos militares rusos.

Author — Alejandro V.


You can't cover the sun with mud. The Russian defense was destroyed.

Author — ʢƹʌʠʫ ѤΐȴѣᾳԄ


Bayraktar operator is game programming code 🤔

Author — Ananda Fitrah


At least three turkish drone crashes near the Russian base are confirmed. Good work russia

Author — Ms Batra


Haha, they lost 1 billion dollars worth of equipment. While one Bayraktar TB2 cost 5 million dollars.

Author — onee


Yeah sure? Because armenians lost equipment worth more than 1 billion dollar they also destroyed OSA and s300

Author — The TR Nationalist


even if turkey has some innovations, the israeli innovations are another thing, your dealing with a country with so much firepower of airforce, navy, land. russia prepares against the whole of nato... they have seen drones in the sky for two decades, they have contingencies that armenia does not have. turkey vs russia, wouldnt be a direct war, it would be highly offensive and russia has the massive advantage in offensive weapons.

Author — MusaMansa21


"The latest report said" which report, there is evidence .. ?

Author — C17


They loose 50 barjaktar, and destroy 4 tanks, haha...

Author — Ani Hani


Hahaahahaaa very very comic, only one tb2 but 700 ermenian army vehicles( tanks, armored vehicles, vs)and three s300 system and pantsirs destroyed, are you know? ..l think.yes you know

Author — Huseyn Dlklcñ


Lamo the Russian trolls in the comments 😀 😄

Author — Brooks Was Here


hoax...yg jelas, di perang, armenia..hancur total tuu alat, militer rusia

Author — hergun fish


if this is a fact news all main stream media would have broadcast it

Author — Dr Budnacab Diiriyeyn


Why fake news? This is truh! Good news

Author — Ahmet Elmas