How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain - Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh

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The victory of the underdog. The last minute penalty shot that wins the tournament. The training montage. Many people love to glorify victory on the field, cheer for teams, and play sports. But should we be obsessed with sports? Are sports as good for us as we make them out to be, or are they just a fun and entertaining pastime? Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh show what science has to say on the matter.

Lesson by Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

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This made me feel like a useless sloth ._.

I really need to find a sport

Author — nowolves


this is Bob

Bob is early

Bob doesn't comment

be like Bob

Author — Hans Bouwman


Last time I was this early

Britain was still in the EU

Author — Dvd Ftw


What if i don't like sports?

...or people?

Author — Novel


And I get embarrassed whenever I'm in a group sport thing and I miss a goal or the basket or finish in last place

Author — Idorandomstuff


I suffered a depression for years after two broken relationships. Then I decided to buy a road bike and just start cycling to free my mind and get away from my computer. I actually sold my graphics card so I could afford it.
Now I can't stop, it's just ridiculously satisfying and takes you to new heights over and over again.

Author — Dionyzos


3:07 for competitive speed rowing they move in the wrong direction

Author — Turun Ambartanen


Wow!, wtf where the rowers doing on 3:06 ?!!. Rowing forward? Haha

Author — Rense Doornink


The rowing boat is supposed to have the rowers facing opposite direction of the boat. Jus' sayin'

Author — cinemofo


Last time I was this early...Watchmojo didn't post a video (or five) yet

Author — KingGamingYT


What if my favorite sport is individual? WHAT THEN?!

Author — Chico Bruto


Can someone please tell me where I can find the background music played in this video?

Author — Abhay Bhatt


That girl with the pink dress jump scared me when she first appeared, and continued to scare me😥

Author — Mint Toast


I'm King Henry and I approve this message.

Author — King Henry


I love sports and I love the memories. Some of the best memories of my life are playing hockey.

Author — Travis Alias


Seeing the name Singh made me think that Lily collaborated with TED-Ed lol

Author — Marla Jadulang


After a few more shots of missing you get looked down on by everyone and decided to quit sports cause you lack the talent...
Exercising is much better for me.

Author — Kar Weng


Oh... Well that's nice knowing... **sits back in chair**

Author — Strongest Warrior In The GalaxyTM


lol The part of the video where you see the girls rowing FORWARD! Yes, this was made by the Always brand alright...

Author — Ronny


Leah's last name is the same as the primate city of Nigeria :D

Author — AfricanManBeast