Walk the streets of Wuhan at the height of the coronavirus pandemic

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On 23 January 2020, Wuhan—a major port city of 11 million people in central China—was closed off from the world to prevent the growing spread of the new respiratory illness COVID-19. For almost two months, the city’s residents stood on the frontline of an unprecedented biosecurity emergency, which has led to the largest quarantine in human history...


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Surreal register. Surreal photography. Hope we all can soon look at this as something in the past, and all our lives get back to it's normal frequencies. Peace, be brave.

Author — Nie Fagundes


It's like a trailer for a modern apocalypse series. In fact it's being recorded right now. And you're in it.

Author — Ruben Sentosa


The final moments really got me emotional; we have to fight. Unity!

Author — Égua do Faraó


I admit that city is real gorgeous and looks interesting. Too bad they going through that

Author — Cleopatra da3rd


And somewhere there Will Smith appears from nowhere with his dog

Author — Peter Solar channel


Beautiful...Thank you for posting this excellent teaching video....one love one world...

Author — 3340steve


At 2:48, such a beautiful piece of architecture/design. Such beauty in such a sad place.
"Don’t be afraid, ” he said. “Take courage. I am here!”

Author — jo Brown Smith


Very beautiful film. I hope this nightmare passes soon as possible for all of us.

Author — João Inácio


Congratulation Wuhan. Big victory to the China Government to protect their people against Corona Virus. Congratulation 👍

Author — Krishna Agung


You can just put HBO at the end of the video, for an upcoming tv-series.
That's how scary this video is.

Author — Arju Sirius


I would say this is a European city if i wasn't told it was Wuhan. Such unearthly beauty

Author — Phantom69


This is just wonderful, sad and wonderful

Author — Anderson Agudelo


Very moving. I am currently in Changde and things are getting back to normal.

Author — Manzur 007


I live in wuhan. And I just want to say it’s not as scary as it looks. Everything is getting better and better now.

Author — StacyWangyj Vlog


I'm here and samething for the most of you because of corona virus, So, this is the right time to pray for the city and to the world countries suffer now
Let's forget about racism and differences
We're all human being created by the only one God.
I wish you safety and love

Author — Visit our Morocco


I burst into my tears. I'm so sad and feel gloomy. Because this film is like a movie but this is real situation. We are very scared and stressful under this disaster. The worst thing is nobody knows when this virus ends. What can we do...

Author — Haha P


Can you please share what music is used? It’s absolutely beautiful.

Author — J


I know; it was sad, what’s happening right now, but if we believe that there’s hereafter life, It will not totally lonely after all, because all of this are temporary.

Author — Heart Star


The first scene is exactly like the Walking dead when he woke up

Author — Tommy Tomato


Now that they were in lockdown their trees can now do there jobs of reducing carbon emissions and pollution

Author — Interstitial Music