‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

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Officials in the U.S. and elsewhere fear they’ll face a coronavirus scenario similar to Italy’s soon. Three doctors and a nurse in Lombardy, the region hit hardest by the virus, described what they faced and offered advice to those awaiting the storm.

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Author — The New York Times


All of these doctors haven’t been home to their families in a long time...Respect.

Author — Siddhant Satpathy


Italy is just honest with their numbers. That’s why there are “more deaths”.

Author — WhileImWaiting


Don't be selfish, stay home so they can stop the spreading and get back to their families

Author — ayanna worthen


It's shocking how the world has changed so drastically in a couple of weeks. A lot of people don't believe it or want to pretend it's not happening. I overheard a woman complaining the store was out of parsley. I thought to myself, be glad you have food. Society is spoiled and is getting a rude awakening. I know no one wants to die by suffocating with tubes shoved down their throat. This situation is extremely scary and sad.

Author — Laurie


We don’t give doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners enough credit! They’re on the front lines.

Author — SaltySauce


Once this pandemic ends, we need to thank all doctors and nurses who gave up their time and risked their life to help the paitents

Author — Kimberley He


The sacrifices these medical personnel are making is awe-inspiring, and profoundly sad.

Author — H S


The part where they are dying and asking for their loved ones and are not allowed to see just breaks my heart!

Author — Firstname Lastname


I never realized that they are dying alone. I can't imagine how the doctors and nurses are dealing with the emotional aspect of covid-19

Author — ONDHSI


Italy is to a long extent forgivable for acting late and progressively as the real numbers unfolded.
It was the 1st country after China to be struck by the epidemic and had no idea of what was coming because as usual China gave to the world only the propaganda numbers (after realizing they were unable to cover up everything)

But the rest of the world???

Author — Nox665


People complaining about having to self isolate...smh...

Author — lazyla27


As a neuroscientist with postdoctoral training at Harvard, here's my thoughts since I've already provided professional scientific editing/consulting for over 20 hot-off-the-press forthcoming COVID-19 studies from around the world since the initial outbreak. There are a myriad of specific reasons for shutting down for COVID-19 but not influenza. Aside from the fact that the mortality rate is conservatively at least 10-fold greater for COVID-19 (at least 1%, and as high as 2–6%, according to a recent correspondence in The Lancet Infectious Diseases) compared to that of influenza (0.1%), COVID-19 is even more transmissible. Furthermore, this is an entirely novel coronavirus (the fact that there have been many other coronaviruses infecting humans in the past is irrelevant since this is a novel strain), meaning that we as humans have been completely devoid of any immunity to COVID-19, unlike many of us that at least have some immunity to influenza due to prior exposure in previous seasons. Moreover, we have multiple effective influenza vaccines; in fact, we have quadrivalent flu vaccines that protect against two influenza A strains — H1N1 and H3N2 — and two influenza B strains. In contrast, we have absolutely no COVID-19 vaccines since this is a completely novel viral infection, and we will most certainly not have an approved effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine for at least several years (as safety against vaccine-induced cytokine storms, among other concerns, must first be ensured). Additionally, to assuage any conspiracy theorists, it is abundantly clear that the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) underlying COVID-19 was not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus, as further elucidated in a recent hot-off-the-press correspondence in Nature Medicine, as well as several forthcoming COVID-19-related manuscripts for which I have professionally provided scientific editing/consulting since the initial outbreak. In terms of SARS-CoV-2 potentially mutating and becoming even more transmissible and/or deadly, most (but not all) virologists estimate that this is unlikely in the short term, and a nice piece was recently published in Science on the current state of virologists analyzing COVID-19-related mutations in the underlying SARS-CoV-2 virus and how it seems too early for them to make strong and lasting interpretations. As a final point, the current number of COVID-19 deaths at present pales in comparison to what they will likely become over the next 3–12 months. This is because the proliferation of COVID-19 is still at the low end of a putative exponential function; until this phenomenon exits the exponential phase, talking about the total current death count may not be particularly instructive. There are even more reasons for the COVID-19 shutdown and for not shutting down for influenza, but the above rationale covers the essentials. Nevertheless, we will collectively get through this, learn many lessons, and become more resilient through our combined efforts. If you dig this kind of perspective, I plan to launch a channel (in the coming months, under either my name or the alias, Neuro_Modulator) that will synthesize hardcore neurobiology with actionable self-actualization. Cheers!

Author — Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.


Really I'm very very sorry about what happened to Italy.

Author — bouchaib soumami


Yet in America trump is saying he doesn't want to shut down and people should keep working, and that he wants churches packed full with people by Easter, no wonder so many Americans aren't taking it seriously with a leader like that, the president cares more about money then the lives of his own people! How sad, cant get much more corrupt then that.

Author — D D


Any Indians reading this...even after lockdown so many of us as still irresponsible and going out !
Pls take lessons from this 😔

Author — hii I'm bii


I wish more people in America were taking it seriously but there's just not enough people.

Author — Alaina Z


Message from USA,
Everyone need to fight this virus. The whole world needs to come together to fight off the virus by following the rules.

Author — kala shrestha


I grew up in Milano and my heart physically aches from seeing the country suffer like this. But I am also warmed by the way Italians are supporting each other in the most beautiful ways, trying not to lose hope and helping the rest of the world get ahead of this virus. I'm sending all my love to Italy and hope that this is over soon. Forza Italia!! 🇮🇹❤

Author — T-rex


This is exactly why it is so important to flatten the curve, we're trying to avoid getting to the point of having to choose who lives and who dies.

Author — dantonnuwen