EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

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EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)4.5

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Want to see how I got into North Korea and how much it cost me? Watch here:

Author — Indigo Traveller


I'm waiting for the day a North Korean kid who's documented his whole life and escaped to come to Youtube, then we'll finally have a real North Korean perspective

Author — David Moran


"WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE". This happened when he was in the hotel, on beaches, in grocery stores, and anywhere else that would be a privilege for a NK citizen. Especially a gorgeous 8km hike

Author — Marcus Koseck


It’s so eerie and creepy. It’s almost like a post-apocalyptic country. Everything empty

Author — Bob Dickens


Don’t believe for a second that you were NOT being

Author — Itsme 23


5:06 oops she forgot she had to spy on you...

Author — James Barnett


Kind of reminds me of the Truman Show. You can just imagine when he leaves his Hotel room everybody scrambling to their possitions.

Author — Ben Gibb


feels like i just watched a last man on earth documentry 😂

Author — p7arash mishra


Honestly bro but you are looking scared while shooting all this😢☺

Author — Shekhar Rasekar


The empty lobby reminds me of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining

Author — J Gee


You really have to read btwn the lines in these types of videos. In order for him to even leave the country with this footage he isn't allowed to speak negatively. All footage is reviewed by North Korean officials. Scary af

Author — Jessica Faustin


I promise they were recording you more than you were recording them. And they have much better microphones than you do.

Author — YeOldeScience


I feel bad for most North Koreans because they do not get to experience what you experience their own Country.

Author — Right Wing Environmentalist


I'm from Romania and it's triggering for me because I remember before 1989 it was almost the same situation here, people from here were restricted to have access to what tourists and foreigners had. I was a kid then and had friends who left the country and I later saw what it meant to be raised in a democracy, how it could shape someones mentality and personsonality differently. We didn't have that chance back then and now seeing this I can just hope that this crazy dictatorship will end soon and people from North Korea will be free (though full freedom is another story, but still).

Author — Andrea C


You say you're not a journalist, but this is beautiful journalism! What an experience! Great job 😁

Author — Lady Luck HQ


I hope to, one day, visit North Korea as a free country. In the same way you would visit any other country and not with a strict tour. But what I hope even more is that they will one day be able to visit any country they like, the same way I can right now. I hope they get the freedom everyone deserves from birth.

Author — S T


What is very obvious is there are no North Korean tourists or North Koreans “at leisure”

Author — Thomas Gordon


I think a lot of you are missing the point. Really just think about what he says in his videos. I believe there are messages behind it. He has to be careful as I’m sure he doesn’t want to get into trouble

Author — Juliet Barker


Beautiful country, beautiful people, ruined by politics, what a shame.

Author — Kita


I literally laughed out loud when you said only 10 people, your group, are staying in that massive hotel!! It may be beautiful, but it sure is lacking in Ambiance, lol! Oh, and those 'bridge painters'? ....pretty sure they are prisoners.

Author — ddavel5441