EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

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Want to see how I got into North Korea and how much it cost me? Watch here:

Author — Indigo Traveller


Don’t believe for a second that you were NOT being

Author — Itsme 23


All North Korean videos are exactly the same. They take these folks to the same exact places every time.

Author — W


It’s so eerie and creepy. It’s almost like a post-apocalyptic country. Everything empty

Author — Bob Dickens


You ate more food then 90% of the the people there will see in a week

Author — Jeremy Orr


Beautiful country, beautiful people, ruined by politics, what a shame.

Author — Kita


My impressions:
- Here is a beautiful park. North Korean people cannot visit here
- Here is a delicious full meal. North Korean people obviously do not have this much food, based on how thin they are
- Here is a wonderful hotel. North Korean people cannot stay here
- Here is a good story: but I have to whisper it to you
- Here is a religious temple. North Korean people cannot worship here
- Here are some nice shops. North Korean people cannot shop here
- Here are some roads. North Korean people cannot drive here (no cars)

I have traveled and worked extensively in South Korea. It is a different world. I wish the people of the north all the best. Their government ... well.. not so much.

Author — SteveandLizDonaldson


You know that room was getting ransacked every time he left.

Author — G Sullivan


You really have to read btwn the lines in these types of videos. In order for him to even leave the country with this footage he isn't allowed to speak negatively. All footage is reviewed by North Korean officials. Scary af

Author — J Faustin


There are definitely mics and hidden cameras in your hotel room. Be very careful about what you say.

Author — The Mad Hatter


feels like i just watched a last man on earth documentry 😂

Author — p7arash mishra


I think a lot of you are missing the point. Really just think about what he says in his videos. I believe there are messages behind it. He has to be careful as I’m sure he doesn’t want to get into trouble

Author — Juliet Barker


Everything seems so...bland. Even the trees and mountains don’t even want to be there.

Author — Dgc7108


Ever get the impression hes watching his words through fear?

Author — andrew russell


5:06 oops she forgot she had to spy on you...

Author — James Barnett


The hotel reminds me of "The Shining."

Author — Daniel Sherwood


It looks dead the feeling of the place is nothingness. Even that animal looked sad. I would never go there for any reason. What if they made up a reason to keep you held. Too risky

Author — Trish Baum


That place seems so cold and creepy. It's all so fake. Too bad that country is ruled by such a controlling regime. The countryside is beautiful for real.

Author — Jeremiah Allyn


I feel like you are in a part of a country that they let people see. I mean seriously where are the citizens? Creepy.

Author — Chip Army


Excellent Truman Show reference at the end. “Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight”

Author — FloydofOz