Did Donald Trump Get Owned By Nancy Pelosi? | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Did Donald Trump Get Owned By Nancy Pelosi? | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah5
President Trump's decision to reopen the government without border wall funding leaves some conservative pundits disappointed while other loyalists are spinning it as his win.

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-Want 5.7 billion
-Lost 11 billion trying to get it
-Still doesn't get it

Author — Daeven Ville


The greatest negotiator couldn't negotiate with Pelosi 🤗🤗🤗 the Iron Lady.

Author — Ignez Maciel


Gosh, thank you, Mr. Trump, for the $11 billion master lesson in deal negotiation. You are the Sun Tzu of spelunking.

Author — dave williams


I love looking at America to make me laugh. But then I realise I live in the UK. #Brexit

Author — Amy Jones


Janine Pirro always thinks Trump's one step ahead, which says everything about her, to be honest.

Author — Zzyzzyzzs


"To deny it, is to escape from reality."

I mean, that *is* why people watch Fox News...

Author — Renato Corvaro


He only re opened the government to make the SOTU speech not because he cares for the workers or because he's tactical. If he makes it he'll close the government again

Author — Senzo Benedict


I'm European... so can anyone explain me...how come some people in the US think Trump actually *won* anything in this new issue with Pelosi? Is this real life, reality or the sequel of Idiocracy?!

Author — The Mastema


jeanine piro is one of the most unpleasant and self serving individuals i've seen on TV, she is in good company with the likes of "the house wives" fractured and broken with such a narrow view of a reality. This is what the US allows as news lololol

Author — Don roussy


tRump didnt cave in ... he advanced to rear 😂😂😂😂😂😉

Author — rui silva


Don't let Trump hear shutting down the government could make taxes go away. Lol!

Author — juantubey


So first Trump said he would be proud to shutdown the government for up to a year, until he got his wall.
Now he said he is proud to announce that the shutdown is over, even though he hasn’t gotten his wall?

He be trippin’

Author — DoYouHaveTheBallz


He got the same deal as before the shutdown so inflicted pain on 800, 000 people for nothing. Also the shutdown cost more than the $5Billion he wants for his wall. Trump is an idiot. An ignoramous. He is no match for Nancy Pelosi or Ann Coulter. A deal-maker?? Never.

Author — Nyarai Humba


"I am proud to announce today, that I have once again caved in like a spineless chimp..."

First Putin (remember Helsinki), most of his staff (many of whom have since resigned and gone on to become successful authors), and now Madame Pelosi.

Author — Mondo Shredder


This remains me of when the Iraqi army were getting destroyed by the Americans in the nineties and Saddam's media kept calling it a "tactical retreat"

Author — Muhammad Luther


A failure...this president is a total failure....

Author — Rosita A. Huff


Can't help but think of the dark knight in Monty python...tis but a scratch.

Author — bebei0000


Tactical maneuvering from Fox.
You have one of your people announce that this move was an act of despicable cowardice and a massive loss from Trump. This will anger the toddler in chief and ensure that he thinks twice before backing down to Pelosi again.

Then you have all your other people loudly proclaim that everything is fine and the president is still in control to keep your shee.. viewers in line.

Author — Hinty


4:32 who else thought that she was paid by *_Trump_* to say that
I bet she saw the check *_Trump_* offered and she did her best inspirational speech she could do on TV

Author — Fantastic Cookie


I shut down G
I restart G
I don't repair the damage
but I take all the credit
i repeat -DT

Author — Ha