Prime Time With Ravish Kumar, Nov 9, 2018 | In Conversation With YouTuber Dhruv Rathee

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Prime Time With Ravish Kumar, Nov 9, 2018 | In Conversation With YouTuber Dhruv Rathee4.5
On today's Prime Time, a conversation with YouTuber Dhruv Rathee whose channel has nearly a million subscribers. Dhruv tells us what motivated him to start a YouTube channel and the way news media has been undergoing changes, particularly in India.

Is the Indian media lacking the camaraderie that is present among media houses in western countries? Why does India rank so low in the World Press Freedom Index? Ravish Kumar and Dhruv Rathee discuss on today's episode. (Audio in Hindi)

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anyone watching this after 2019 elections

Author — Atin Hazra


Who is here after Ravish Kumar Won Ramon Magsaysay Award??



एक बात तो सही है।
कम से कम एनडीटीवी पे शान्ती से बात तो होता है।

Author — Rajeev Thakur


Atlest rathi cannot delete comments here🤣🤣🤣

Author — Soaked Almond


ये बात druv sir नै सही कहा कि आप को वहि दिखता है जो आप देखना चाहते हो

Author — Hiraraj Vasarnikar


Some people are being ignorant calling these two legends as anti national agenda. They are trying to open your eyes which the PAID MEDIA nowadays fail to deliver the people. Truth is bitter.

Author — Born Psycho


Atleast they talk like a human 😄 ravish at its best

Author — Paramveer Singh


भारत में भी ऐसे झूठ की गिनती हो सकती थी मगर जो गिनेगा उसी के दिन गिनती के रह जाएगें



Aaj ki baat karte hai, Amethi main pichle 20 saal main kitna vikas hua, ek documentry kyon nahi banate

Author — agrim gupta


Ravish ji inka interview le rahe hai ndtv me enty ho sakti hai dhruv ki

Author — Junaid Tyagi


Meet up of 2 fearless soldiers of democracy from 2 generations all together.

Author — sumita das


भारत मे ऐसे झूठो को गिनने बैठे तो पूरा 5 साल इन झूठो को गिनने में ही निकल जाएगा😂😂😂

Author — mr. j


Wow finally some logical people in Indian media. Best discovery since sliced bread

Author — maria sal


Bharat me agar jhoot ki ginti hogi to poori ki poori book bhar jayegi sirf modi ke jhoot se unke chamcho ko jane do. 😊😊

Author — Sazz Mohammad


5 saal bohot bure gujre h par
Samajh सकते हैं
घुट रहे हैं liberandu



Two sides r always necessary to maintain balance....goodwork

Author — Memoline M


The Washington Post jaise newspapers ne American President Richard Nixon ki sarkar gira di thi. Lekin India m sirf chatukarita hi chalega.
Jim Acosta ne jis tareekey se Trump se sawaal puche agar India me puchta to naukri se nikal dete ya bhakt jaan se marne ki dhamki dete.
Questioning or criticizing your government doesn't make you antinationalist.

Author — MN SHAHAB


Bharat me jo jhuth ginega usi ke din ginti ke reh jayenge 🤣🤣😂😂

Author — Abhishek Gupta


God Bless You Dhruv. This is must watch interview for all youngsters . This is Patriotism. Keep up the Good Work

Author — Shailesh Shetty


Ravishkumar like journalist are true image of society.Your eyes are ours.God bless you and Rathi like people.

Author — harish Purohit