Turkey earthquake – Massive 7.0 quake rocks Izmir ‘triggering tsunami’

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A POWERFUL earthquake has rocked Turkey as it destroyed buildings and triggered a tsunami that swept through coastal towns.

The quake registered a 7.0 of the Richter scale and had its epicentre 11 miles north of the island of Greek island Samos off the coast of Turkey.

At least 20 buildings in Izmir, a Turkish city with a population of 4.4million, are said to have collapsed, Mayor Tunc Soyer told CNN Turk.

Rescue efforts are already underway as scores of people are feared dead - but there no official figures on victims.

The emergency authority said it sent search and rescue teams to Izmir.

The US Geological survey said the enormous tremor was felt as far away as Athens and Istanbul.

People flooded onto the streets in the tourist city, witnesses said, after the quake struck.

A magnitude 7.6 tremor struck the city in 1999 killing 17,000 people.

Some two million foreign tourists visit Izmir every year, according to data from the Aegean Touristic Enterprises and Accommodation Union.

The quake was also felt across the eastern Greek islands and tsunami warnings were issued to many beachgoers.

Pictures and video posted on social media shows large clouds of dust rising over the city following the earthquake.

Other videos and pictures show surging sea water in Izmir province flowing into coastal towns.

People are seen running for their lives after as the apparent tsunami rushed in following the earthquake.

The quake struck at around 11.50am GMT and was felt along Turkey's Aegean coast and the northwestern Marmara region.

Turkeys Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said Friday's earthquake was centered in the Aegean at a depth of 10.3 miles.

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Turkey earthquake – Massive 7.0 quake rocks Izmir destroying buildings and ‘triggering tsunami’ as people flee

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Ben japonum.
Para topladım.
Yapabildiğinin en iyisini yap lütfen. 🇯🇵🇹🇷🇯🇵🇹🇷🇯🇵🇹🇷🇯🇵🇹🇷

Author — カナショウ


Tsunami 😱😱😱😱We are shocked about the horrible events that happened in Turkey. Be strong and keep believing. Love Turkey from Japan 🇯🇵

Author — ほの


Deprem olduğu için sevinen beyin yoksulları var, Geçmiş olsun İzmir. 🙏🏻🇹🇷❤️

Author — ceren


Someone said in the comments that: ' What if 2020 is not the bad year but a start of a bad decade?' I don't even wanna imagine.

Author — aSky


Tüm Türk halkına başsağlığı diliyorum !!!

Author — Тамерлан Ш


politicians and goverment have nothing to do with turkish people. this is a natural disaster, people are dying. please use your brain before commenting something.

Author — jen beth


my condolences for the people who lost their lifes and lost their homes, from Greece, stay safe.

Author — kostas 88


Prayers to izmir turkey from the destroyed city of bierut lebanon 🇱🇧♥️🇹🇷

Author — Omar Jawhary


Sending our Prayers and Thoughts to the People of Turkey and Greec. 😢✊🙏👍

Author — Mack Bolin


We pray the Safety of Turkish people.☪️
from Japan.🙏

Author — ice heart


"You are alive, if you pain. If you feel the other people's pain, you are a human being" says Tolstoy. Keep out politics about this.

Author — Zeynep Yakti


People die in the earthquake. Why are there happy ones in this?The suffering is the same in the face of natural disasters.Greetings from Turkey.

Author — Murat DUMAN


We, Indonesians, are sorry for the incident that happened to the Izmir Turkey region 🇮🇩🇹🇷

Author — FreeFire Tube


I'm living in Australia but all my relatives are in Izmir ..
Thank God they're ok ..
Sending love and healing to my brothers and sisters 😢❤❤❤❤

Author — Magenta Moon


I can't believe i was watching earthquakes and tsunamis in different parts of the world just now and this happened.

Author — Soumya Rawat


February: Syria civil war
August: Lebanon massive explosion
November: Turkey and Greece Have the same Earthquake

Worst year ever... 2020.

Author — Bro Gamer_Haikal


My heartfelt condolences to all the people who lost their dear ones and may all the souls Rest In Peace 🙏

Author — Russell Ralte


Thoughts&prayers to the people of Turkey😔
❤️From pakistan

Author — Kashif Roy


My thoughts and prayers for the people of Turkey and Greece.
I hope the international community will swiftly send aid.

Author — Abraham Tsfaye


Oh noo that's soo sad, I pray for u all. 🙏

Author — Angela s