Italy hit by largest coronavirus outbreak outside Asia

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Giuseppe Conte says cases of the the Covid-19 virus in Italy have risen dramatically in the past two days. The prime minister told a press conference Italy would not try to suspend the Schengen treaty as such a measure would be disproportionate. Schools in Milan will be closed, however, and people will not be allowed in and out of affected areas. Social and sporting events in Lombardy and Veneto have also been cancelled. As of Sunday morning, there were 89 confirmed coronavirus cases in Lombardy – with two in its industrial centre, Milan – 16 in Veneto, three in Piedmont – including two in Turin – and two in Emilia-Romagna

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in the rest of Europe fewer cases were recorded just because no country is doing as many checks as Italy is doing. but this doesnt mean that the virus is not already next to you, it has been around the world for weeks

Author — kité Stramuèrt


WHO 4 weeks reason to restrict reason this will become a worldwide incompetent.

Author — Strawberry Kiys


This is a world wide pandemic, why is it taking so long to admit it?

Author — Just passing throoo


This is getting serious in many Countries and needs to officially be declared as a pandemic.

Author — 360 Smart


Learn from Russia and close the border to Chinese nationals !!!

Author — HyperVoxel


I believe that if our European partners would perform as many tests as we do the number of infected would rise in all the continent. All EU kept using thermoscanner for weeks, even after it was well known that the virus has a long incubation time. Now, I say, let's all be careful and, without panic, let's protect ourselves and avoid to travel if not REALLY necessary. Greetings from an Italian hospital NMT.

Author — Taylor C4


Not surprising Italy, has many tourists and cruise ships entering its ports

Author — Forza223 Bowe


I knew it was serious when they closed the coffee shops down.

Author — Ben Waddington


France was infected long before Italy and they still pretend to have 12 cases.

Author — Thomas Johnson


Thanks guardian for deleting the comments.
It you want to know why you are going
Your news is a week old and you censor info.

Author — moon dog grey


Remember when WHO told people that countries shouldn't close its boarders to China and it was ridiculous to worry about the Corona virus, because China had it under control?

Author — Spencer Fletcher


so, let me think for a moment ... so the most affected countries are China, Iran and Italy Donald, do you have to tell us something?

Author — peoplebrotherhood


Honestly, I think they shluld start to domore tests also outside Italy. I wouldn't feel safe anywhere at this point.

Author — Tosapai


Let’s all fly to Wuhan
The virus will collapse
Attack is the best defense

Author — Bujar Miftari


Oh well one thing for sure, it will never reach Madagascar.

Author — Adrian Bingham


L'Italia deve sopravvivere a questa catastrofe! Fatti forza Italia!

Author — Mosquito online


This virus will create a huge financial crisis

Author — Cappuccino The Great


Censors, censors everywhere....

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

That tells me everything I need to know

Author — Benni B


IRAN, Watch Iran over the next week. It will be what is going to happen everywhere.

Author — Bruce Grant


I’m from Italy and the situation is complicated everything is closed the schools churches but I feel sorry for 1 thing the fact that a country like Italia has to suffer . I’m not racist but everyone must stay in their country it’s not our fault that the Chineses eat everything that breath

Author — Clara Ferrari