Iraq: On the frontline with Islamic State - BBC News

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The Iraqi Army says it is now pushing back Islamic State fighters from around Baghdad, and the city will not fall. With no foreign troops in combat on the ground in Iraq, the army has the job of following up on coalition airstrikes to halt IS advances. A series of setbacks in the summer had raised questions about the army's ability and morale to do this and take the fight to IS. Our World Affairs John Simpson, has been with the Iraqi Army to the frontline with Islamic State about twenty miles south west of Baghdad:

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first time ive seen a reporter not wearing ``please shoot me im blue`` UN blue plate carrier and helmet

Author — can nack


Hi guys I'm SSGT MICHAEL iraqi army 17th division I serve in this place We were lack for for supplie And when we get IED or attach from ISIS nobody came to help us Even the iraqi commander Seems a hero in this video He is a coward He oppend many hols to isis  to come here I never see with us in the battles

Author — Mal Ik


The old man should put helmet on. Does he understand where he is ?

Author — Masashi Tomita


Hah the new iraqi army is so fancy now :D

Author — Angel Yotov


The point of blowing up the bridge was to prevent the army from following in their Humvees 🙄

Author — Kurt


This is all happened Because of George W Bush.

Author — Christy Antony


John Simpson you got some brass ball's old man 😀😀

Author — Daniel A lva


Nice bright shirt he is wearing for the warzone

Author — Harley Quinn


Iraq was fine till you thugs went there.

Author — paul hutchins


be careful now detection of hard flow as early as possible, in today's era many humans in the name of religion to destroy and destroy our fellow humans can learn from the destruction of the Syrian and Iraqi countries...

Author — Abraham Revolution


we ll meet on judgement day Allah will show u justice

Author — i.m.bachcha silent


is that DSHK? Mounted on the top of the humvee?

Author — ahmad baliyo


They will remember all our hero Saddama, Gaddafi
Respect from South Africa🇿🇦

Author — Abongile Zwe


If a hell anywhere in earth
It is iraq and siriya

Author — world superpower india


تناقض المذيع لا خوذه ولا درع والجنود تكول عليهم مبالغه زائفه.

Author — Heart of Hell


indomaret food and fruit Indonesia shell sianida poison, careful with something to buy.

Author — bambang sulaswono


Can anybody tell me when will the madness stop?

Author — Nabiha Moses


There is no isis before sadam
When Saddam ruled Iraq is peace place to be

Author — Yusuf Gorod


They were there looking for binliner.... the fact they were there long after it was claimed binliner was killed indicates maybe he wasn't killed after all?

Author — Public Public


the entire world are fighting these guys in Toyota pick up truck something is not adding up.

Author — Waranish