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Health workers are "back in the eye of the storm" as coronavirus cases rise at the end of the "toughest year", NHS England's chief executive has said.

Sir Simon Stevens paid tribute to NHS staff in a new year message, saying they had "brilliantly" cared for 200,000 severely ill Covid-19 patients.

He said that by late spring he expected the NHS to have offered vaccinations to all vulnerable people.

That offered "the biggest chink of hope" for 2021, Sir Simon said.

With coronavirus infections at what public health officials called an "unprecedented level" and a new variant spreading, hospitals in England have now surpassed the April peak of Covid-19 patients.

Health officials in Wales and Scotland have also said they are at risk of becoming overwhelmed.

On Monday, a record 41,385 Covid cases were reported in the UK, though it is thought the infection rate was higher during spring when testing was much more limited.

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Who else are watching this in 2030 while the Zombies are outside.

Author β€” β€’ 10 years ago


The β€œeye of the storm” is the calmest part. Everybody knows that. So what’s the quote trying to say? Everything is calm and normal in the NHS? Or does someone need some education on the meaning of the phrase β€œeye of the storm”? Attempt at dramatic language FAILED.

Author β€” Spidericemidas iOS Music Producer


Fear mongers....Classic problem reaction solution!
Order out of chaos.

Author β€” david jones


Surely β€˜eye of the storm’ means it’s calm?

Author β€” popcornfilms1


Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Author β€” Dilip Patel


I lost my job during this pandemic and decided to start a motivational channel to keep other strong. wish me well 😍😍😍

Author β€” AQ official


Hate to be a geographer but the eye of the storm is actually calmer than that of the outside .

Author β€” RJL Lewis


'Please keep your hands washed, we'll keep you brainwashed' - BBC

Author β€” Tom Gardner


Lmao at a secondary school where I live the students don’t even wear face masks πŸ˜‚ I don’t see no police officers there

Author β€” Dillzzy


a large meal or scotch egg will keep fung flu at bay

Author β€” jenny cole


Get a better more reliable test. That way less false positives will ensure more staff at work
Appalling that its winter, always the hospitals are busy with the typical winter issues... But they never seem to improve for the next years. So badly run! To shut down a country to save the NHS says the NHS was in dire condition at the onset. For this... we are watching our economy and lives be destroyed

Author β€” Jay Law


These numbers are tiny in proportion to country, how can nhs not handle 30k patients. They made extra beds what happened to them. If 357 died why we all locked up?

Author β€” Tiss Ma Keet


What??! Tell me when any children ever felt in control of their future..
What nonsense.

Author β€” sol cutta


Are all the nurses practicing skipping to Malcolm Mclarens double dutch yet?.

Author β€” Fat Larry


Suppose we should expect to see loads more tik tok videos then

Author β€” Sean Moffitt


Ahh can always count on the BBC to keep scaremongering people.

Author β€” Matt Green


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Author β€” Video Iclone


Because they mixed up flu with Covid patients. Where are those from the yearly coming back flu?

Author β€” Peter den Breejen


I hear the word gullible has been removed from the

Author β€” Hypatia Sophia


Nightingale hospitals anyone?.... dont say no staff...as 100k registered doctors and nurses came back early on and got signed off onto bank..

Author β€” Mercedes mad