'Take It Or Leave It, Angel!' | Man Utd Latest News

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We're back on United Daily with all the latest Man Utd news, headlines & transfer rumours including Solskjaer's press conference!

Football is gearing up for a return - we'll check out all the latest team news!

We'll also be going through all the latest headlines including news, transfer rumours and much more. United continue to be linked with Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, James Maddison and many more - we'll take a look at the latest surrounding those players.

We'll be discussing this plus more!

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💬 Comments on the video

I feel Ole is getting full control over all the players and getting it right and saying the right things which would make the squad healthy and hungry. Ole you legend 💪🔥

Author — Vernon Francis Gallagher


Ole laying it down! He’s definitely at the wheel.

Author — Jase Yung - IntrovertConfidence


Angel has had chances and hasn't taken them, for him holding out for a bigger contract is disrespectful to the club, I'm 100% behind ole on this one

Author — welshcronk


I really see no stress with this Gomes situation! I dont understand the concern! He was not setting the under 23s a light! Lucky to get offered anything to be honest!

Author — Geo Man


Great title of the show. Love United or get out of door.

Author — vijay kumar pandey


Yes guys wha- A MINUTE..!! Hahahaha best video intro ever! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Laurent Frangie


thank you adam for doing something you love. youre in my top three united pundits/vlogger. you, joe and motty are heroes!

Author — Hobie Harrison


where are you adams ghost hahahha legend is back

Author — Ilir United


Sign, don't Sign Gomes.. We are Manchester United! We were here before you, We'll be here after you. GGMU!

Author — MiNi


straight from the heart Adam. All of us back you, some of us could maybe help, if you needed it. That baseball field exists XD

Author — faIRmODs fm


David luiz is actually on calamity jones lvl and i knew he was past his best but wow.

Author — Irish Atheist


Cant wait to see how we stand aftre the break. For me, if we win, we get top 4. If not, we rely on City being banned.
Sancho isnt going to happen at the moment. Unless something changes, we will be buying Glealish. I think its one or the other.
Edit for result - 2-2 20h 18/06, watch it be 3-6 though XD

Author — faIRmODs fm


Maybe call ins could substitute for fan cams for future games? Just a thought

Author — Manav Sandhu


We miss Pod to Nowhere and McKola and Howson Uncensored :(

Author — Anshesh Persunnoo


I had it with DeGea. What a lousy save. He and Pogba can go in summer. Henderson VanDeBeek welcome

Author — NN D


Hey wassup guys!!! ... Wait a minute 😂

Author — Selvin Martin


Hate missing you live Adam! You have inspired a great community!

Author — Gurpreet Gill


If we are after 3 players this season, my choice would be:
1 - Sancho
2 - Madison
3 - Partley

Also Angel sign the ting

Author — Patts Sinwal


David Luiz has not only managed to get a red card against City, he also got a yellow one against Sheffield. Don't believe me? Check the game record.
Now, that is some class.

Author — Eugeniu Grituc


Maybe we sign the no.84th. There is a possibility too...

Author — Leong km