Uncovering China's New Electric Plasma Jet Engine

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A team of researchers from Wuhan University in China recently released a paper describing how they have managed to create a jet engine that runs on 100% electric power and the air around it! This video explains how this works in comparison to ion thrusters and conventional jet engines! I hope you enjoy!

Ducted fan clip from SINTRATEC:

Research paper:

Jet engine video:

Ion thruster video:

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Thanks for all the support on this video! I really enjoy reading everyone's opinion on this new technology. However, PLEASE keep comments related to the video topic and not about personal opinions of China. Many thanks, Ryan!

Author — Ziroth


Now we just need a nuclear fusion reactor and we are ready to go.

Author — Ved Vadake


This is the best thing to come out of Wuhan since....er, nevermind.

Author — Leveraged


I fly my private jet with hamsters running in metal cylindrical cages. I feed them super foods and espresso. So far the results have been excellent.

Author — Bruce Wilson


*Reads comments*
Me: "Apparently, the US has had this tech for around 40 years."

Author — No Count


"Mommy, where does Electricity come from?" "From COAL son, from COAL."

Author — ImpARTation2013


Whatever is moving those 'Tic Tac' UFO's around... that's the propulsion system we need. 👽

Author — Mael-Strom


I worked on something like this at Boeing in the 1980's for other applications. Too much power consumption was the result then and now. A magnetron is about 65% efficient and all you are doing is heating air. It is more efficient if you are going to make a controlled plasma is to seed jet fuel with potassium salts (or ammonium salts) and you also get heated ionized air. Ionization gives some superior control issues, nut is lower in efficiency as energy goes into making the plasma. The lower temperatures push larger volumes for the same fuel and is more thermodynamically (energy) efficient. minimum energy into a reaction mass is .5m+v^2 in joules is the energy and thrust is m*v in newton seconds . The slower the reaction mass is the more thrust per unit of energy ( 2v newton-seconds per joule). the trick is to speed up more mass with less velocity and get more efficiency. that is how fan jets work to be more efficient than turbojets or ram jets. This system looks to be less efficient than any of the fan jet turbo jet or ram jet.
Rockets use a different measure of efficiency use of MASS where jets measure ENERGY efficiency in terms of watts per newton of thrust.

Author — Marvin Carlson


wuhan is giving us everything this year

Author — Nicholas C.


That may be the worst elevator music soundtrack ever.

Author — kamikazejs


Video:"a team from Wuhan University"
2020: let me stop you right there

Author — TomahawksNShotShells


The engine isnt the problem of electric plane. Energy dencity of the battery is the problem. You can have all the power you want. But without good battery you go nowhere

Author — rubikfan1


The thumbnail shows a jet engine. How large is the china plazma engine. Yea the size of a test tube 🧪 TY

Author — Bilge Pump


There are better ways of turning electricity into thrust, see: fan.

Author — TheBlapman


The discovery and use of plasma was man's greatest and most useful discovery. FIRE!

Author — jamesdond1



Now we just have to figure out fitting a nuclear reactor to the plane.

Author — Aviral Singhal


I was hoping it would be more like a toaster instead of a microwave...

Author — Gabriel Andrade Ferraz


As a retired airline pilot I've always been interested in advancements in aviation. In the last half century we've seen aerodynamics, avionics, and construction methods improve but propulsion improvements have lagged. Light category aircraft have benefited from improved engine reliability but the high bypass fan jet engine has been the workhorse of the airliners and seems likely to remain so for a long time.

Author — Jan Walor


What is the “plazmer”? I’ve never heard of plazmer. And how is it ignited using an electric Spock? He’s a fictional character in a RV series, not even a real person. Applying electricity to him won’t change that.

Author — Imasurvivor


I don't think an Engine that relies on ambient air is a good pick to power rockets :D

Author — Pyriphlegeton