2020 Recap: Everything You Forgot Happened

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What happened in 2020? 2020 has been a crazy year. So many things that could be THE headline in a normal year will just be footnotes. In this video we look at some of the highlights in business, the market, and pop culture.

Some celebrities that passed in 2020:
Alex Trebek
Sean Connery
Joe Morgan
Whitey Ford
Eddie Van Halen
Bob Gibson
Lou Brock
Chadwich Boseman
Rep. John Lewis
Regis Philbin
Kobe Bryant
Naya Rivera
Grant Imahara
Fred Willard
Jerry Stiller
Sam Lloyd - Ted from Scrubs
Vic Henley
Adam Schlesinger
Bill Withers
Joe Diffie
Kenny Rogers
James Lipton
Jack Welch
Kirk Douglas
Rocky Johnson
Diego Maradona
Conchata Ferrell - Berta from 2 & Half Men
Johnny Nash
Gale Sayers
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Diana Rigg – Game of Thrones
Cliff Robinson
Wilford Brimley
Herman Cain
Kelly Preston
Charlie Daniels
Walter E. Williams - Economist
Reche Caldwell

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💬 Comments on the video

bruh 2020 is gonna sound so wack in textbooks-

Author — n0r


“The stock market isn’t a snapshot of the economy,
it’s a graph outlining the emotion state of rich people”

Author — ADMA


Wow, Kids are gonna hate History Class in the future

Author — Hype Animations


Is it just me or does anybody else feel that in the future teachers are gonna be showing this video in their classes when they have to study 2020 as a chapter in history.

Author — aarnzoo


2020 was absolutely wild. The best thing that happened to me this year was being able to have more time to focus on the things I want to accomplish over the next few years.

Author — Jose Rojas


Best thing that happened this year was being able to relax and find epic channels

Author — Torney


this year went extremely fast for me mainly couse i spent a months on tiktok and youtube and completely IGNORED the news section

Author — YouMakeYourselfCringeALot


Best thing that happen this year was finding your channel! :D

Author — David Priymak


This whole year was a fever dream. Ten years worth of events packed into one making it the longest shortest year ever. I feel like I’ve aged a whole decade. I don’t know what to feel.

Author — cameryndavis00


You know it is crazy to think about that teachers may show their students this video for school 30 years from now

Author — Reader4life


Dang only a week until 2021. Also i bet in a few years this video will blow up because some schools may use your video lol.

Author — Reapers Son99


2020 was crazy, but the best thing that happened to me this year was being able to stay inside and not really have to interact with people as much which relieved a lot of stress for me.

Author — Emilia


One positive thing that happened this year was that I finally learned how to do laundry. Before that I would just wear dirty clothes everyday. I am not as itchy as I used to be. This makes me very happy.

Author — Ily Fleenor


The best thing in 2020 for me is my brother, sister and I still have a job and remained healthy mostly.

Author — Tracy Craft


The best thing to have happened to me this year was learning to be flexible/adaptable because of the pandemic

Author — adan govea


Best thing that happened to me was seeing your TikToks on my for you page

Author — Charlie Chevy


Best thing for me was bonding with friends and family 💙

Author — Katherine S


Next year in Earth Season 2021 you will meet our new antagonist: COVID-20

Author — uSkizzik


Great video and recap. I will only add the rise of zoom.
Good wishes for everyone in 2021!

Author — Aguz Rodri


Best thing that happed was seeing my family for the first time in 2 years due to deployment❤️

Author — Demise