Sassuolo 1-2 Milan | Zlatan Scores A Brace to Hand Milan a 2-1 Win Against Sassuolo | Serie A TIM

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It was a vital 3 points for Milan over Sassuolo as they continue their charge up the Serie A standings | Serie A TIM

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Ibra’s arrival was the best thing that could have happened to Milan in years.

Author — Bille


We all know Zlatan but Calanoglu is now showing all of his talent with assists and goals every match!

Author — Ander Galeatxe


38 years old Zlatan is a thirsty monster for success which most of players lost it during their early thirties !What a big man ⚽️

Author — 吳鳳Rifat


Calhanoglu last 9 SerieA matches:
4 goal
7 asist

Author — Garga mel


Zlatan and Calhanoglu carrying the Milan. Calhanoglu been great after Covid-19. Last 9 match, 4 goal, 7 asist.

Author — Can Sağlamkaya


Calhanoglu playing with Suso = Donkey

Calhanoglu playing with Zlatan = Prime Rui Costa

Author — Ivon


if you know how to use Zlatan, he’ll easily scored 20+ goals in a season

Author — Portugal The man


Who else is happy to see Zlatan in a winning team again! 🙌🏼

Author — HC


Zlatan's the reason I watch AC Milan these days

Author — AP


Been a fan of AC Milan ever since I was a kid, cheering on for Andrei Shevchenko! Ibra is the best thing that happened to Milan in quite some time ! Calhanoglu is also turning out to be a lowkey BEAST! Hopefully this is just the start of AC Milan's journey

Author — Ruskey


they need to extend his contract for 1 more season. he's still playing at a very high level and he makes his teammates better. i want to see Milan back to their best. i miss the days when Inter, Milan, and Juventus were 3 of the best teams in the world. seems like Inter is finally catching up so hopefully Milan can get back there too.

Author — Evan L


Zlatan making Milan play at another level.

Author — Sanskar Srivastav


Calhanoglu if he keeps playing this way could become Mesut Ozil great vision of play

Author — Einstein's Brain


Çalhanoğlu is Milan's maestro. He has everything a team needs: vitally important goals, mind-blowing assists, fabulous free-kicks and so on.

Author — Nurlan Pashazade


It feels nice when the italian giants get back to their

Author — Ahnas Muhammed


2040 : Zlatan scores a hat trick for Milan.

Author — LoL _


Zlatan's arrival was not only beneficial for Milan, but also for the whole Serie A.

Author — Joseph Bek


Calhanoglu and İbrahimovic what a play 😱💪🔥

Author — Hikmet Özyurt


Calhanoglu’s crosses are deadly he uses both feet great 🔥

Author — Onur Fidan


People told earlier there will no more like Pele and maradona but after few years there were Ronaldo(Brazil), Messi, CR7 and now Mbapae(in making) .But mark my words there will be no one like zlatan.

Author — Pankaj Sajwan