Things to Do in Istanbul During the Lockdown

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Things to Do in Istanbul During the Lockdows. For he past weeks some lockdowns have been imposed in all Turkey especially during weekends.

The good news are that the tourists are exempted from these restrictions.

If your biggest concern was what to do in Istanbul during covid restrictions then here we give you alternative ideas to make the most of your trip in the city.

0:00 - Intro and Restrictions
2:16 - Places to Visit
4:15 - Suggestion
4:55 - Neigbourhoods to Visit During to Weekend
6:55 - Restaurants


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Hello 👋 everyone from Turkey .Really Turks are very honest and friendly people come and see this friends 👏👏❤💙

Author — Mehmet Seymen


Thank you for this information. I am traveling to Istanbul next week and this video has been incredibly useful.

Author — Gabriel Freeman


Great information there, I hope things improve in Turkey ❤️🇹🇷

Author — Aaron Explores


🚗🚕🚙Thank you for taking me to see your beautiful city. It's beautiful!🍃🍃🍃🍃

Author — 茜茜Sissi東京生活


Thank you so much Bery for shown all these places. Absolutely each of place is worth to see. I can’t wait to go visit Istanbul. All the best for you 🙂😍❤️



Great video 👍 love the content, keep up the good work. Hopefully soon I can visit Istanbul soon...

Author — ims121uk


I am a tourist in Istanbul. More detailed info about opening times would be useful. Also, I do not recommend visiting at this time due to hassles with producing one's HES code to use public transit, reduced hours and the fact that many budget rooms do not have facilities (e.g. a sink or even a table and chairs) to properly eat in your room.

Author — Hermes Liberty


Love your videos !! I plan on shifting to Istanbul next year for my studies & i would love to see videos targeted towards foreigners who plan on coming to Istanbul and living there, eg. students!! Your videos are of great help and i would love to see content about living in Istanbul!! Love your channel!

Author — Emma Stella


Great Informative video again Bery Keep it up my friend 👍👍

Author — Fatih Yayla


Great video! I've just moved to Istanbul this year and made a video because of your channel! Thank you so much for been such an Inspiration!!!

Author — Jungle.97


Gracias Bery !! Siempre nos informas al día de como esta alla en tu bella Estambul !! Saludos desde México 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Author — Edith Ortiz


Hey ♥️
Thanks for the info and I'm so happy that I checked this video out😆🙏🏼 I'm in Alanya and thinking to move to Istanbul in recent days. I love Turkey ♥️🇹🇷 Thanks again for sharing this 👍♥️🙏🏼

Author — Walk Every Corner


Really Amazing work keep it up love ur videos 🙂😍❤️

Author — Traveling For World


As usual, thank you very much Bery for this information.

Author — Dario Castellanos


Hi Bery 😊! I am in Istanbul now! Thank you so much for your videos ! Help us a lot ❤️

Author — Neydi Tello


Hey :) ill be coming to istanbul with my parenta next week. And i'm a little bit About the fact we can't eat in Restaurants. Where can we eat if we're not allowed to eat inside :(

Author — conan ryuzaki


Your video came as a quick answer for my thoughts about what can tourists do in Istanbul during the lockdown

Author — Fida Aidi فداء


Superb info realy thanks hats off from pakistan soon i wl join there

Author — Shabano.official


thank you berry you introduced our country and also discover you first partner, your work fatih ordinarycı mehmet

Author — Türk kartali


Tanks I love Istanbul I will come soon❤️❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️

Author — Nafisa Musbax