Should you Buy a PS5?

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The first 4D-3K console. Put on your VR shoe to even see this graphics.

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I actually found my PS5 at Target, except it was on a shelf next to the Capri Sun juices.

Author — NapalmX717


When he said Call of Duty 17, Black Ops 5 I thought he was joking

He wasn't

Author — Lieutenant DAN


bugsnax took too much dedotated wam to fit into this video

Author — Cyranek


It really makes you feel like the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

Author — Ethan Sexton


Thank you for persuading me to get a Sega Dreamcast

Author — Pisty - بيستي


"Best tech demo ever produced"
Wii sports: I'm gonna pretend i didn't hear that

Author — Spooky Scare


Dunkey you just don’t get it, this is the first strand type console.

Author — Bongus Dongus


"Spiderman: Miley Cyrus really makes you FEEL like a teen pop sensation"
-IGN 2020

Author — Tino Dino


"If it can't run Tekken, then why are you even talking to me right now."

I felt this on a spiritual level.

Author — Sean R.


no grapple hook, no ps5. sorry video games

Author — Berd


"I can't get excited over computer chips" PC players:

Author — Gootz


The seventeenth call of duty sounds like an exaggerated joke but then you remember that the first came out in 2003

Author — Luka Sackewitz


"Assassin's creed is made by the people who make assassin's creed so you probably don't want to play that"

Author — *-*


You forgot to mention that in the new spider man game you can really feel the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

Author — TimessRow


6:02 I like how you actually sound sincere but then make the remark that the only difference is some stupid collectable and then you cut it immediately😂😂

Author — Dan-D


"I can't get excited about computer chips anymore." meanwhile me and my friends at pcmr will literally be pissing crying shitting our pants when nvidia announces they found another gigabyte hidden somewhere in their massive stockpile of RTX toaster ovens that none of us can even afford since robots bought them all on ebay

Author — Robert S


"Call of Duty 17: Black Ops 5: Cold War" lmao

Author — Mk Goldy


1:26 “u busted boieh” hahah that was funny af

Author — Raho Barz


ok dunkey buy why didnt you mention bugsnax doe

Author — Exodoplays


GTA 6: "Yeah I'll just sit over here and watch the show"

Author — Spitfire