Verdi: Aïda - San Francisco Opera (starring Luciano Pavarotti)

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A magnificent spectacle of stars, scenery and choreography, this version of Verdi's Aïda is remastered from Sam Wanamaker's landmark production. It features monumental performances by Luciano Pavarotti as Radames and Margaret Price in the title role. The tensions which arise from Radames' love for Aida, a slave who is the daughter of the Ethiopian chieftain, Amonasro, and the jealousy this provokes in the daughter in Amneris, daughter of the Egyptian king, are portrayed in some of Verdi's most famous music.



0:57 Preludio

Act I
7:02 "Se quel guerrier io fossi!"
7:59 "Celeste Aida"
24:27 "Ritorna vincitor!"
27:38 "I sacri nomi di padre"

Act II
58:30 "Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside"
1:02:07 Marcia trionfale (orchestra)
1:03:45 Ballabile (orchestra)
1:08:12 "Vieni, o guerriero vindice"

1:32:26 "Qui Radamès verrà!"
1:34:07 "O patria mia"
1:48:23 "Pur ti riveggo...Là tra le foreste vergini"
1:57:53 "Ma dimmi; per qual via"

Act IV
2:03:26 "L'aborita rivale a me sfuggia"
2:06:45 "Già i sacerdoti adunansi...Ah! tu dei vivere!"
2:26:21"La fatal pietra sovra me si chiuse"
2:35:06 "O terra addio"


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Maravilloso, extraordinario. No tengo palabras para seguir alabando este magnífico espectáculo. Gracias por gratificar mi alma.

Author — Juan Alberto Triviño González


A friend gave me this DVD and I love it!

Author — StarryNightMary


This wasn't really ALL that long ago. And look: an opulent production, actually SET in Egypt, with appropriate costumes and sets. No, it's not set in a Nazi concentration camp. No, it's not set in a 1950s -era New Jersey shopping mall. WHEN ARE THE MAJOR OPERA HOUSES GOING TO DO PRODUCTIONS LIKE THIS AGAIN?! The current fad of "improving on the original" is killing the genre. And please, don't try to make apologies for idiocies like the recent Rome Opera "Carmen" in which Carmen killed Don José at the end. A production like that neither makes it more relevant to current times, nor does it make an ounce of sense in terms of the opera's original story and libretto. I have nothing against someone writing a NEW opera that's set in a Nazi concentration camp, or in a 1950s-era New Jersey shopping mall, or a NEW opera in which an enraged feminist kills her lover at the end. My beef is with the stage directors who try to set classics like Aïda or Carmen in a different light!

Author — violamateo


I was there.  Best AIDA ever.  Had to sell my soul to get a ticket.  It was the hottest ticket to SFO to date.

Author — Keen Planner


A great production. Pavarotti is magnificent, as is Toczyska. Price is excellent, as is Estes.The rest of the cast, the chorus, and the orchestra are very good. The sets and costumes are good, and the production is fine. This production and the Metropolitan Opera production with Domingo, Millo, and Zajick are the best productions on video.

Author — SymphonyBrahms


Oh wow. Pavarotti was at his absolute prime in this performance. The most exciting and wonderful tenor of my lifetime and looking young and vibrant as well. I saw him in Aida in sf but in a different production. This one is much superior.

Author — D Steely


I wish they could have put English subtitles at the bottom. Anyway, my sister was an opera singer, and she sang with the choir in an adaptation of Aida back in the 70's or 80's when Pavarotti played Radames. It was at Grady Gammage Auditorium in Tempe AZ. She was an excellent soprano.

Author — Peggy Lindenthaler


Mme Price shows wonderful control in every moment of this performance and great musicianship, lustrous tone, and exquisite phrasing. Thanks for sharing.

Author — operassassin


This is Pavarotti, 2:00:30 The Best Tenor

Author — Leonardo


And I never want to listen to "pop music" again

Author — Mtian L


Great video. My wife and I had seson tickets honoring the last year of Kurt Adler. We were disappointed that he wasn't conducting, but Novarro was handsome and great. Re Celeste Aida, the video brings the superb voice of Luciano to full life. Even in the 20th row of the orchestra we and others were a bit surprised at this great man's apparent lack of full power. But the video proves that he was picture perfect. The real surprise was Margaret Price. She was power plus and fabulous as Aida.

Author — Larry D. Jensen


Dont need them - just enjoy the performance :)

Author — Iain A. Henderson - Classical Tenor


Beautifully done! Luciano is one of the true greats!

Author — Phoebe Devereaux


Una maravilla. Inmensamente aghradecido!!!

Author — Miguel F. Carrillo


VERDI IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE COMPOSERS...FANTASTIC a priviledge to be able to go to the opera, and now see it again in YOUTUBE..PURE ART, TALENT, CLASSIC ARTS FOREVER.

Author — Bruja


The opening aria is simply amazing!

Author — Tim Meijers


Grandiosa opera.Magnífica voces, y muy buen montaje.Gracias

Author — Angeles banderas martín


I was an extra in this production--one of many--it was something--we were all in muddy makeup and shabby drapery, but it didn't matter. Quite exciting.

Author — Katherine Prongos


My wife and I saw this opera in the original. This vidio is even more impressive.

Author — Larry D. Jensen


una delle opere più emozionanti! Sia come musica, sia per i contenuti emotivi, sia per l'appartenenza alla patria tipica dell'800 e grazie dunque (oltre a Verdi) anche a Ghislanzoni. Questa a mio avviso è una bellissima edizione!

Author — Margherita Dell'Orto