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It's a city where entire districts have been emptied of people and where ancient sites have been systematically destroyed. Now, a year after Iraq's second city Mosul was captured by the militant group calling themselves Islamic State, we have an exclusive and unique investigation into how deeply entrenched the terror group is in the city. The BBC looks at how the militants control most aspects of daily life, including dress codes and schools, which residents say are used to indoctrinate children. And as this report shows, many are living in fear of being punished according to the group's extreme interpretation of Islamic law.

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This is disgusting why am I depressing myself with these videos

Author — ENO ENO


Sadly, religion will stay with them even when ISIS is gone, and it will happen all over again. Sucks, wish they could get away from the oppression!

Author — Voice of REASON


Iraq's second city is tightly controlled by its new rulers, ISIS. With footage of life in Mosul, Yalda Hakim tells the story a city run by Islamic State.

Author — BBC News


This is was life under Islam truly means.

Author — Zetarrino


this is two years ago. now they left a Great mess.

Author — A M


a BBC tinha que ter tradução para português /Brasil

Author — Hugo Dardie Oliveira Dias


Attn:..BBC !!
The video streaming here are far more better of, (It's faster) then the BBC site itself.
BTW, Thank you for the posting on YouTube .

Author — mattperak


the US should supply the Kurds with some hardcore gear like suppressors and all that so they can make some big badass Operation inside Raqqa or Mosul.

Author — Morgan


Thanks to almighty Allah finally Israeli backed Isis is defeated in Syria and Iraq. Allahu Akbar.



I live in a city that didn't have a war since 1821, but I have never seen buildings and infrastructure how I see in this video about Mosul. I thought Mosul was very poor, but not.

Author — LuisMan8


The host is Australian, she reminds me of Jana Wendt.

Author — Quentin Huxley


That country was long destroyed and the world knows it very well. I had the british troops went there to distribute candies .

Author — Mohammed Isaack Abdi


Is there a video version? Exclusive footage in an audio only presentation is a bit strange.

Author — Yve Clark


Why suddenly everyone is making a fuss about how IS treats women!? Full cover, not going out without a male etc. are the exact same rules applied in KSA.

Author — ubermenschification


This is the apocalyptic ISIS's brutal kingdom.

Author — Voeun Ky


and also if their ideology is so strong and compete with democracy then why should not they give citizens chance to choose their idology. do not force to take your idology if it is so strong and beneficial for people then they accept it by heart not by force.

Author — Pinki Sanyal


people look at ease streets are full of people except the christian neighborhood which they left by their choice this maybe an off day of school otherwise schools are functioning

Author — Rashid Bloch


There was no Shia sites in Mosul! And the arab sunni majority is persecuted as well if not the most! I come from mosul and have relatives there!

Author — try2justbe


As the Iraqi journalist said; There was no law in Mosul before IS came. Iraq since 2003 has been a mess, this is the result of American imperialism. Together with British imperialism, the Americans came and looted. Iraqi oil fields were privatized and then sold to western oil companies. While they got rich, the majority of all Iraqi's suffered from poverty. Capitalism destroyed Iraq must like it destroyed Russia and Eastern Europe. The only alternative to this mess is socialism!

Author — Revolutionary Socialist Media


this is the best city outside scandinavian countries or much peaceful society

Author — Nabil Zahrin