Daily Bihar today news of Bihar districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of Gaya Patna & madhubani

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Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts in Hindi i.e. 30th November 2019:-
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1. Trains stopped operating on #RajendraSetu

2. #NitishKumar will start water life green journey in West Champaran soon

3. #PatnaMetro will soon be restored

Good news for those seeking jobs in the metro. Patna Metro will soon be reinstated on 30 posts. For the construction of Patna Metro by DMRC, the government had removed vacancies on a total of 191 posts, out of which 30 posts have been proposed to be restored. These 30 posts will soon be reinstated as soon as cabinet approval is granted. Let me tell you the 30 posts which are to be reinstated and I have many important posts including Managing Director DGM.

4. Patna Buxar wins in Junior Judo Championship

5. No more land needed for green grass

6. Now 5976 families of AES affected blocks will get ration card

7. Under 17 state cricket team announced

8. Sushil, who was the winner of KBC, gave 500 plants to the cadets.

9. People are looking for Biskoman for cheap onion

#Biscoman had taken a new initiative to get people out of onions getting 80 to 90 kg. Under which Biscoman was providing onion to the people at half price, but the crowd of onion buyers increased so much, the decision to sell cheap onion to Biscoman is getting expensive. In long queues, people are seen standing ahead of time. At the same time, due to the increasing crowd, people also get frustrated. Apart from this, due to the congestion, the traffic problem is also getting much more. In view of such congestion, Biscoman has now decided to install onion stalls in the mohallas.

10. LJP prepares to contest elections on all seats of Subay

11. Voting on 13 assembly seats in #Jharkhandelections today

Polling for the first phase of Jharkhand assembly elections is scheduled today. At the same time, publicity for this election had stopped on Thursday. Let me tell you that in the first phase of Jharkhand elections, voting will be done on a total of 13 seats.

12. Preparations begin for the inauguration of #MithilaLokUtsav

13. Let's move towards the news of the season

14. You can see many special things in Pavapuri of Nalanda district

There is Pavapuri near #Rajgir of Nalanda district which is considered a sacred place of Jainism because it is believed that Lord Mahavira attained salvation here. Pavapuri is famous for Jainism temples, the first temple of which is the Jal Mandir Pavapuri, the Jal Mandir is built on the lotus lake in the middle of the 85 bigha pond. A 600 feet long bridge has to be reached to reach it. The place where Lord Mahavir was consecrated is the Shwetambar Jain Temple, the Samosaran Temple is the temple where Lord Mahavir Swami preached. He gave the first and last sermons at this place.

15. Now let us know what were the prices of bullion market and petrol diesel

If we talk about bullion market, the price of gold on November 29 was Rs 37164 per 10 grams for 22 carats while Rs 39747 per 10 grams for 24 carats. On the other hand, if we talk about silver, the price of silver was Rs 46150 per kg. Apart from this, the price of petrol in the capital Patna was Rs 80.65 per litre. Diesel was Rs 71.27 per litre.

16. Now let us know about the famous personality of Bihar

Today we will talk about another personality of the world of journalism. Whose name is Ravish Kumar. Who does not recognize Ravish Kumar. In today's time, if journalists who do not follow sheep movement will be proudly named, then they will be Ravish Kumar. Ravish Kumar was born on 5 December 1974 in Motihari district of Bihar. Ravish did his early studies from Loyla High School in Patna. At the same time, he completed his PG from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Ravish was awarded the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award 2 times for his brilliant journalism and out-of-the-box journalism. In the year 2019, Ravish Kumar was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award. It is known that Ravish Kumar is the 5th journalist to receive this award.

17. Kohli admitted that he is also disappointed when he fails.

18. Vacancies removed for the post of nurse in Bihar

19. Tejashwi Yadav lashed out at BJP government

Leader of Opposition, #TejashwiYadav did not miss a single opportunity to get rid of the ruling party. He has done something similar once again. Tejashwi Yadav has taken a dig at the BJP and said that the days of the BJP are over, now that the Boria should pack the bed.

20. Bihar football became champion in Under-19 National Sports in Panipat

21. Exim Bank of India released research study

22. Questions have arisen on NSSO report

23. Bihta International Airport construction is clear

24. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar received Nobel Prize

25. Bihari show dominance in this season of KBC

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बिहार में घूमने का स्थान बाल्मीकि नगर है क्योंकि वहां पर बाल्मीकि जी पूरी रामायण लिखे थे आपको कैसा लगा अब आप बताइए

Author — Ravi Nirdaiya


राजगीर नालन्दा ऐतिहासिक स्थान है यहां पर लोग गुमने के लिए दूसरे देशों से भी आते हैं घूमने का स्थान बहुत सा जगह है जैसे
1 गोतम बुद्ध मदिल
2 सूर्य कुण्ड
3 स्वर्ण भंडार राजगीर
4 जरासंध का अखाड़ा
और भी बहुत सा जगह है घूमने का राजगीर पूरा बिहार में ही नहीं बल्कि पूरा देश में फेमस है 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Himanshu Kumar


Top Tourist Palace in Bihar

गया गया में बौद्ध धर्म के संस्थापक भागवान बुद्ध को बोधज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ था। ...

Author — Ajit Singh


Bihar me ghumne k liye Best jila "Gaya" hai.
Kyuki vha par dodhi mandeer hai. Jha Jayan ki prapti hu thi.

Author — Azad Kumar


गया जिला जहाँ भगवान बुद्ध को ज्ञान की प्राप्ति हुई थी
उस जगह का नाम बोधगया है

Author — Manish Kumar


SITAMARHI ! Yaha par maa janki Mata sita ji se jure sare sthal hai
Ex: janakpur dham, punaura dham, janki sthan etc.

Author — Always Abhi


गया जिला है क्योंकि यहां बुध जी को ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ था और काफी वैभ दर्शनिय स्थल है

Author — Santosh Aarju


बांका जिला में पापणी पहाड़ मंदराचल पर्वत समुद्र मंथन हुआ मेला 2020 14 जनवरी



Bihar ka gaya jila gaihlot pahar jo ghoomne like hai

Author — Dharmender Kumar


Nalanda Rajgir
Darsniye sthan and nalanda vishv vidyaly hai 👍

Author — writer Arvind bihari


बिहार में घूमने वाले सबसे अच्छा जगह राजगीर है



Mere hisab se hamare Jila me sasaram ke shersah pani roja aauir rohtas gadh Ka kila -ma tarachandi dham sabse best hai (is video ko Mai apne dosto ko aour group me sare karta hu Kyo ki Jada se jada log video dekh sake)

Author — love story


🌹💐🇮🇳 mere hisab se samuchay Bihar mein West Champaran Valmiki Nagar jila hai

Author — Jaswant Kumar


गया में बौद्ध धर्म के संस्थापक भगवान बुध को बौद्ध ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ था.



बाल्मीकि नगर वहा पर भाघ और जगली जानवर देखने को मिलता है

Author — sonu kumar yadav


I think "Nalanda" is the best district of Bihar for tourism.
yahan par ghumne k liye nalanda univercity ka khandhr hai, pawapuri me jalmandir hai, nalanda kund hai, etc.