Interest Groups: Crash Course Government and Politics #42

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Today, Craig is going to talk about something you fans out there have been demanding for months - money in politics. Specifically, we're going to talk about special interest groups and their role in the U.S. political system. Special interest groups are groups of individuals that make policy-related appeals to government - like the NRA, AARP, or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It's all pretty controversial, as money plays an important role in the policies and people these groups influence, so we'll bring in the clones to argue for and against them.

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"I'm still not John Green" aww that made me sad

Author — Sneha Sebastian


you are a legend
many finals will be passed because of you

Author — Trevor Daniel


No-tie clone gets it.

If money is speech, then the rich have more speech than the poor. This is not a fair system of governance.

Author — SchiferlED


I normally prefer John Greene, but this is an exception. Wait, Craig are you a Mongol!!?!?

Author — Just an old account


Thank you crash course. You're saving me in AP Gov

Author — Megz Bartsch


Dear crash course, I absolutely love love love Craig doing these videos, I wish he could do more :). It helps me study and he's a very funny guy. Please let him know I think he's magnificent .

Author — Jazmin Barker


"Maybe because I am still not John Greene" lol... I wonder what John thought after listening to that!!

Author — D S


I'm totally here because I want to learn and not because I have a politics test tomorrow.

Author — Rory Hanlon


anybody else cramming for AP Gov at 2x speed

Author — Vaish K


While I would like another John Green series I think that you hold your own as a show host.

Author — Josh Radick


A hydraulic press would be a more efficient way to exert pressure onto that eagle

Author — Will Acton


Mr no-tie wins.. While Mr Tie was talking about the "idea" of how interest groups should function. Mr no-tie was talking more about the way interest groups work today.

I rule in favour of Mr no-tie.

"Certain" Interest groups are too powerful and should be regulated in such a way to preserve the plurality of the endeavour for the American people. Congress should not be encouraged to follow the money

Court adjourned

Author — Chike Ezebilo


Probably one of the best crash course videos I've seen to date.
Great introduction, solid material, good recap with conclusion, but I also liked the clone zone, I don't think I've seen you use it before but its great to hear both sides of the argument leaving the viewer to make up their own mind.

Solid stuff, keep it up! :)

Author — Karakai


forced to watch these to help me in one of my courses. I personally think this guy is hilarious. Wish my professor was this entertaining to learn from.

Author — Ezra Ceniceros


haha, Craig your awesome! don't compare yourself with world history :-) both of you are fantastic!

Author — Brian Witt


2:30 one of the bills say "Edumacation Kurikulum" *LMAO*

Author — Scott Chiste


The clones are so funny! "Well I have a chart!" LMAO

Author — Uberwarts


I love these videos. They are so helpful when studying for a social studies test.

Author — Anna K.


cant believe i just saw wheezy waiter do a crash course. I'm truly shook

Author — Isaac Barbernell


7:28 - I busted up laughing when you said "this is empty" lol

Author — frencheneesz