Graham reacts to Trump's announcement of deal to end shutdown

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South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says that if, come February 15, Democrats still won't agree to wall funding he hopes the president will declare a national emergency.

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Why didnt they fund the wall when they had total control?....

Author — Deitrich Houston


Trump supports y'all tired of winning???? Lmao

Author — Frost Bite


Trump folded it's that simple and Roger stone got raided by the FBI Trump is next...

Author — I am you


Why give Trump a permanent wall for merely temporary DACA protection? What both sides give should be permanent - enough of these temporary measures! Make the hard decisions!

Author — bigseekersb


Billions and Trillions on overseas wars? no problem.
A fraction of a percentage of our annual budget for a wall? problem

Author — Shivam Patel


Boy, he looks exhausted. Not the perky smiling face on his Wikipedia page. It's a real effort for him to stay in a rational zone when his boss is impossible to work with. Give him an "E."

Author — Noe Berengena


Finally President Trump realized he was only hurting Federal employees. The vast majority of Americans want border security. The Wall is the sticking point. Both sides should call it border security funding and get away from a Wall.

Author — Flip Wright


Lindsey Graham said that if Trump caves in that it be the end of his presidency. An Trump caved in a little bit.. so what does that mean Mr. Graham?

Author — Zecory 3


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's

Author — Nathanel Macon


When did we become Mexico?🤨 I thought Mexico was supposed to pay for it 🤔

Author — b banzolito


All they do is talk while people die.

Things need to change...

Author — The Stranger


If a 9 month woman can climb a wall, so why are you and Trump inflicting pain to USA citizens for a wall that you just saying it doesn’t works???!

Author — Ana De Hoyos


He PROMISED Mexico would PAY!. HE PROMISED. Don't let him weasel his way out of it.

Author — ta11guy63


Lindsey has his head buried in the sand with the other GOP politicians. There's no way Schumer and Pelosi will include border wall funding. We all know this, and I bet Lindsey does, too. Lol, Lindsey's trying to guilt trip Dems into voting for the wall, threatening that if they don't compromise, Trump's gonna go it alone as a national emergency. Lindsey should know that daring Nancy Pelosi hasn't worked in their favor of late; if they threaten again, I'm sure that Nancy will most certainly put not one penny for the wall in the funding bills. Just forget about the wall for now; ain't gonna happen!

Author — D G


Flip-Flopper talking to his ECHO CHAMBER

Author —


This president has really let me down. I regret voting for him. He screwed that last budget where he gave them everything they wanted and we could not build the wall. STOP saying "we are building the wall now!" No we are not!!!! STOP lying!!!! He screwed this shutdown up so bad it's not even funny!!

Author — tom thorn


He rambled about building a wall and then gave two examples of a wall not working...Great work Lindsey!

Author — MrDdlitt02


The southern border has been a problem longer then 13 years.

Author — ray ray


Boohuhuhuhu...spineless...not a hero Graham who still wants to hold fed workers hostage!!

Author — Deo Panganiban


Trump logic: When I demand you give me something that I want, and you don't, it's your fault.

Oh, he's a genius alright.

Author — Foghorn Leghorn